Prenatal Belly Dance Classes for Better Pregnancy and Birth

Prenatal Belly Dance

Although belly dance is mostly known for being fun and sensual, slow flow movements are particularly beneficial during pregnancy. Besides toning your muscles, prenatal belly dance/yoga can give you more confidence and feel more positive about your changing body and fluctuating emotions. Prenatal belly dancing classes will give you a community and support system to lean on at any time during your pregnancy. Our classes are all about empowering women and making everyone feel comfortable.
If you are unable to join us at the studio, our virtual On-Demand dance academy allows you to benefit from prenatal classes from the comfort of your home.

Belly Dance and Pregnancy

Prenatal Belly Dance
Join a supportive and empowering community of moms with On-Demand prenatal belly dance and yoga classes.

Belly dance is a form of dance that emerged in the Middle East region and is now considered a form of art. The dance is thought to connect to fertility since it involves the stomach expanding from the dancer’s breathing. The circular pelvic rotation that belly dancing is famous for stimulates the uterus, known to increase fertility. Belly dancing help to strengthen your pelvic floor while still being low impact. It will also improve abdominal control, which is important during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum recovery. It is important to stay active during pregnancy. Prenatal belly dance allows you to continue to stay in shape as your body grows. Although you can join our classes at any time during your pregnancy, the sooner you begin, the more endurance, strength, and flexibility you gain to support through every stage of pregnancy.

Prenatal Belly Dance and Prenatal Yoga Classes

Increased abdominal and pelvic strength and control are important tools during pregnancy, but there’s more. Prenatal yoga and prenatal belly dance also have emotional and mental benefits. Bella Diva provides a fun, safe, and relaxed atmosphere where you’ll be with other moms, building strength, confidence, and body positivity through a shared experience.
Whether you’re a first-time mom or you have other kids, every pregnancy is different. These classes allow you to connect to this pregnancy and this baby. Yoga classes help moms release stress, restore balance, stability, and calmness of the mind, and leave you feeling more confident and positive about your body.
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Register at Bella Diva to join a community of strong warrior moms!

Become a Strong and Injury Free Dancer with Cross-Training

Pamper Your Body to Improve Your Dancing

Spending time training your body outside of a dance studio can save you pain and time in physical therapy.

Cross-Training to Minimize Your Chances of Injury

Yoga for dancersAs a dancer, you can maximize your physical potential while minimizing your chances of becoming injured by doing one simple thing: including cross-training as part of your routine. Why? Well, not only does cross-training help you improve your cardiovascular endurance, it can help you improve your muscular endurance and muscular strength, too. Sounds like a killer combo, doesn’t it?
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The thing is, even though dancers are considered artists and athletes at the same time, and dancing is a very strenuous activity, it is not so tough on the cardiovascular side. Conditioning is something that dance alone is not so great at. It might sound crazy since you can be out of breath after one dance class.
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However, dance is more an anaerobic type of activity, meaning that are a lot of starts and stops during a dance and even though they might consume a lot of energy, this frequent pausing does not exactly promote cardiovascular endurance.

Another thing that happens during dance is that a lot of the same muscles are used over and over during a certain type of dance, whether you’re doing ballet or belly dance. This does not allow us to improve the strength of other muscles that might not be critical for that type of dance.

So, How Is Cross-Training Going to Keep Me Injury Free?

How Is Cross-Training Going to Keep Me Injury Free?

Training outside of dance allows you to improve overall capabilities, including cardiovascular endurance by getting your heart rate up, muscle endurance and muscular strength. If your muscles are burning during your workout and then you are left out of breath and feeling sore, you did something right. As you increase your stamina and build strength, you will be less prone to injury. Cross-training can also generate more body awareness, and as a dancer, that gives you an edge. Additionally, hitting the gym can serve as a time for meditation, a moment for you to relax and have fun while taking care of your body.

At the beginning, you might feel out of your territory but you don’t have to go at it alone. Hiring a personal trainer for a few sessions until you become familiar with your routine is a great way to get yourself on the right track. Start small and find something you enjoy doing, whether it’s swimming, running, or going to the gym. As you get into it you might start feeling ready to add on other complementing activities to support your dancing.

Shimmy Your Way to a Healthy Body and Lasting Friendships

Shimmy Your Way to a Healthy Body and Lasting Friendships

Camaraderie and health are at the core of this culturally rich dance.

Belly Dance Offers More Than Just a Workout

Behind the beautiful sound and rhythm of the drums, the veil and the intricate costumes, there are benefits that might not be as obvious when you first sign up for a class. The centuries-old craft that is belly dance is a great way to experience the amazing feeling of camaraderie while you improve your overall health.

Many of us get lost in the daily tasks of our hectic lives. Belly dance is far from being a dance that requires perfection which is quite liberating. It’s also a celebration of femininity, which allows dancers to get in touch with themselves again, while providing them with the opportunity to take a little time to take care of themselves, too.
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Group belly dance, dancing in groupsTwo, Or More, Are Better Than One

As you get in touch with a different culture, you’ll also learn mind-boggling hip movements, improve your posture, boost your self-esteem and become more aware of your body, both inside and out. It’s a low impact way to burn some calories, super fun and perfect for every age. Sounds like a dream, no? Well, to top it off, one of the things that sets belly dance apart is the incredible community it is able to generate.

Belly dance can be done solo but it is certainly  more fun in groups. Dancing in groups promotes camaraderie and generates long-lasting friendships with others who enjoy the same passion,  love to learn and create together while encouraging each other. Even if you start from zero, the process changes you and that’s what produces empathy among dancers.
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They can relate to each other because of their journey.
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  That is much more powerful than any physical benefit.

Be part of this movement with us at Bella Diva Dance. Start your belly dance journey today. Give us a call for more information.

Semi-Annual Student Showcase with Bella Diva Dance

Bella Diva Dance Semi-Annual Student Showcase Sunday, December 4th

Everyone is invited to attend our Semi-Annual Student Showcase, as Bella Diva Dance gives you your passport to world dance & cultures. We are so excited to be bringing Naughty Pierre with us to host our showcase in our bigger theater.

We are thrilled to showcase over 75 of our students who will be performing choreos from their weekly group classes including Belly Dance, Brazilian Samba, Indian Bollywood, Hot Hula, Afro-Caribe, Bharat Natyam, Latin Ballroom, Middle Eastern Drumming, Classical Foundations, and our Kids’ World Dance & Bollywood class!!

Showcase Details

  • Sunday, December 4th 7:00 PM
  • Semi-Annual Student Showcase
  • Elaine Wolf Theatre
  • 350 S. Dahlia St., Denver, CO 80246

world dance showcase

Doors will be at 6:30 PM, Showtime at 7:00 PM. Refreshments and snacks will be sold in the lobby during intermission.


$15.00 when you purchase at the studio or directly from a student

$18.00 online through the website

$20.00 at the door the day of the show

(Kids 10 and under & Seniors over 65 are only $10.00)

400 tickets are available. It will SELL OUT. Click the image to reserve your tickets today!

bella dance logo

Your Passport To World Dance & Cultures

Founded in 2010, Bella Diva Dance is a Denver-based world dance company that offers both instructional dance classes and professional themed shows centered around Belly Dance, Brazilian Samba, Indian Bollywood, Hot Hula fitness, & Afro-Caribe dance styles. Our mission is to empower women by instilling in them a greater sense of self-confidence and positive body image through the expression and study of dance in Denver!

Don’t miss out on our Semi-Annual Student Showcase at Elaine Wolf Theatre on Sunday, December 4th, 2016. Get your tickets today!

study of dance in Denver

We will be closed the day of Thanksgiving only, Thursday, Nov. 24th. All other classes will be normal.

Semi-Annual Student Showcase at Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret

student showcase

Join us for a Pre-Turkey Shimmy during this community event as we present over 50 Bella Diva Dance students to the Lannie’s stage! They will be dancing for you not only Samba and Belly Dance, but we will also be featuring the new class offerings: Bollywood, Hula, Afro-Caribe and even a Yoga Flow sequence they are currently learning in their weekly classes. Students from Caitlin’s Broadway Dance Technique course at the University of Denver will even be presenting and showing off their final compositions. 🙂

So come out to cheer & support your up and coming Bella Divas! Special Guest Artist Luciana Martins Da Silva will also be performing, and the event will be co-emceed by our favorite Naughty Pierre and BDD’s Artistic Director & Founder Caitlin. An exciting night of world dance not to be missed! Invite your friends and family and get your tickets early. This show will SELL OUT!

Tickets: $12.00

Purchase Tix here!

1601 Arapahoe St, Denver CO 80202

Bella Diva World Dance Party

world dance party

We are so excited to announce we will be bringing Denver an over-the-top global dance experience to the Lannie’s Stage! Bella Diva Dance will be joined by some of the most talented and exciting world dance artists in town.

It is going to be an electric line up in the spirit of a “hafla”, the Arabic word meaning “party or get together”.

Special Guest Artists this month will include:

Fafa Keta-Boy performing Mambo
The Diana Sanchez Ladies performing Salsa
Batavia – Fusion Bellydance performing Tribal Fusion Belly
Seemie Xavier performing Bollywood
Cassidy Wilson performing aerial arts

There will also be a free mini Belly Dance lesson on stage for all audience members during Intermission for you to get your shimmy on! Hosted by your favorite Emcee Naughty Pierre Jean Pierre.

There will also be your favorite BDD Belly Dance, Samba, and Bollywood performances!

Tickets are only $12.00, so get over your mid-week blues by having the most fun Wednesday night in Denver! Perfect ladies night out or bachelorette party.