Prenatal Belly Dance Classes for Better Pregnancy and Birth

Prenatal Belly Dance

Although belly dance is mostly known for being fun and sensual, slow flow movements are particularly beneficial during pregnancy. Besides toning your muscles, prenatal belly dance/yoga can give you more confidence and feel more positive about your changing body and fluctuating emotions. Prenatal belly dancing classes will give you a community and support system to lean on at any time during your pregnancy. Our classes are all about empowering women and making everyone feel comfortable.
If you are unable to join us at the studio, our virtual On-Demand dance academy allows you to benefit from prenatal classes from the comfort of your home.

Belly Dance and Pregnancy

Prenatal Belly Dance
Join a supportive and empowering community of moms with On-Demand prenatal belly dance and yoga classes.

Belly dance is a form of dance that emerged in the Middle East region and is now considered a form of art. The dance is thought to connect to fertility since it involves the stomach expanding from the dancer’s breathing. The circular pelvic rotation that belly dancing is famous for stimulates the uterus, known to increase fertility. Belly dancing help to strengthen your pelvic floor while still being low impact. It will also improve abdominal control, which is important during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum recovery. It is important to stay active during pregnancy. Prenatal belly dance allows you to continue to stay in shape as your body grows. Although you can join our classes at any time during your pregnancy, the sooner you begin, the more endurance, strength, and flexibility you gain to support through every stage of pregnancy.

Prenatal Belly Dance and Prenatal Yoga Classes

Increased abdominal and pelvic strength and control are important tools during pregnancy, but there’s more. Prenatal yoga and prenatal belly dance also have emotional and mental benefits. Bella Diva provides a fun, safe, and relaxed atmosphere where you’ll be with other moms, building strength, confidence, and body positivity through a shared experience.
Whether you’re a first-time mom or you have other kids, every pregnancy is different. These classes allow you to connect to this pregnancy and this baby. Yoga classes help moms release stress, restore balance, stability, and calmness of the mind, and leave you feeling more confident and positive about your body.
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Benefits of Prenatal Yoga Classes

Women doing prenatal yoga

Regular exercise is important for pregnant women who need to stay healthy to carry their growing babies to term.  Whether you’re an avid yogi or a dance newbie, prenatal yoga classes are a great way to stay active, meet other moms-to-be, and reduce stress. The benefits of prenatal yoga are numerous and help a mother maintain her physical and mental health during pregnancy. As you prepare to bring a new little one into the world, it’s important to know the poses and techniques that will best help prepare you for the physical and emotional changes you will experience during pregnancy, which is why it is recommended to take prenatal yoga classes.

Pregnancy Challenges

It is no secret that pregnancy can be a challenging time. The good news is that prenatal yoga can help prepare you for these challenges that come with carrying a new life. Since women can gain as much as thirty pounds during pregnancy, their bodies need to be stretched in order to prevent stress fractures and other injuries. While some women may be able to continue their regular exercise routines, they may find that the intensity needs to be reduced to accommodate the changes in their bodies, making prenatal yoga the perfect solution. Prenatal yoga classes can also help you feel more positive about your baby and your body.

Prenatal yoga classes give you an opportunity to connect with other soon-to-be mothers.

Prenatal Yoga Improves Overall Physical Comfort

Not only does prenatal yoga help prepare you for the emotional challenges of pregnancy, but it also is a great way to improve your flexibility, your strength, your overall well-being, and help you prepare for labor. With prenatal yoga, you are able to focus on poses that will help you stay flexible and strong while avoiding the common issues that pregnant women can experience, such as lower back pain, sciatica, and swollen ankles and feet, while also helping you achieve emotional balance.

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