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Just coming down off the most awesome Wednesday night I have ever had! We saw Bella Diva perform and were simply blown away by the caliber of the troupe. The shows put on by this troupe will BLOW YOUR MIND. They are simply stunning and so so so athletic and graceful. The owner also does events for causes - which says a lot about the values of the troupe. I would consider this a must see, preferably at Lannie's!
Jade B.
YELP Review for Bella Diva Dance & Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret
It's incredibly rare to know someone who is both a fantastic performer & an inspiring teacher & mentor. I've watched Caitlin perform for decades and I am still amazed every time! I've both observed and experienced how well she can explain the mechanics of any maneuver hip isolations to delicate, Fosse hand gestures - and I'm always impressed with the result. Her lifelong experience in dance, theatre, and figure skating give her both the sharp attention to detail only the best choreographers possess, as well as a fine-tuned understanding and respect for different learning styles which means no one feels singled out, and everyone can learn. I encourage everyone I know with an interest in dance, skating, or theatre to work with Caitlin!
Jill Ahlbrecht
Student, Performer, & Teaching Associate
Caitlin, Thank you for being so helpful and encouraging over the years as my figure skating coach. As an adult skater (50!), you have had endless patience, but also push me to continue in new and challenging directions. Living with HIV for 30 years has not been easy, but I appreciate you treating me like any other student by pushing me to be better than I was. Your bright, positive attitude always lift my spirits no matter what I am going through with my health or simply having a bad day. Thank you so much for all your guidance and encouragement! You have brought my life such joy and grace and most of all, my health back.
Ryan Wilcox
Figure Skater, Age 50
Just returned home from day 1 of PrideFest and "Holy Dancing Feathers, Batman, just when I thought I have seen it all. WOW!!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Bella Diva Dance!! These ladies are not to be missed!
Bryan D.
Reed of Ah-Some Photography
I just wanted to thank Bella Diva Dance for having such a big impact on my life. Since starting your classes, I have had a new level of self confidence and happiness that I didn't have before. While I have always loved dance, I really feel at home at Bella Diva and I always look forward to going to class all week. You are truly the best, and I can't thank you enough for everything you do!
G. Davenport
Samba & Belly Dance Student
If you want an instructor who challenges you to be more than average, then Caitlin Brozna is the one for you. She has been my figure skating instructor and coach for seven years and I have enjoyed every moment of it. Being an older adult skater, I did not know how far I could really go and Caitlin has shown me that truly "age is nothing but a number". Caitlin gives the right balance of encouragement and challenge during a lesson. You always walk away from a lesson with (as Oprah Winfrey would say) an "AHA" moment. Caitlin realizes how complex some moves can be but always works through the difficulty with you. She is like a proud parent when she sees her students accomplish a move, whether it be big or small. I appreciate her as a friend and instructor and would recommend her highly if you want to learn andpush yourself grow.
Jose Quinones
“Bella Diva Dance Studio is one of my favorite places to be! The instructors are all such wonderful people, great dancers and just full of knowledge to teach everyone about dance from all around the world! This is what I love about the Bella Diva Dance community, having the passion for dance and being able to share it with everyone around us.”