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Bella Diva World Dance is a Denver-based world dance studio and performing company where students learn to smile while they sweat to global dance grooves and what it means to be a global citizen.

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Bella Diva World Dance consistently strives to bring culturally authentic and informed world dance forms to Denver and provide unique performance opportunities for their students in semi-annual Student Showcases held at popular, various Denver venues and professional theatres.
During their weekly dance classes, students will smile while they sweat to global dance grooves, shedding weight from within and without.
At Bella Diva, they believe dance is for everyBODY, no matter your size, age, background, or orientation. World Dance is the universal language that connects us all in our human experience.

Bella Diva is home to 10 faculty members, a resident costume designer, a professional performing company, and hundreds of students who have studied with them over the years. In addition to weekly class instruction, Bella Diva also offers seasonal workshops for students to explore more in-depth with visiting guest master instructors from Brazil, India, Iran, and the Middle East
At its best, belly dance and samba look effortless, graceful, and engaging. Though it may seem easy, learning to belly dance and samba beautifully is challenging. Diligent study and practice are necessary to train your body to respond to the music and rhythms with ease and grace.

Bella Diva World Dance prepares students to reach their individual dance goals, whether they include fun workouts or eventually performing on stage.
Repeated exposure to class material will also help you to build the movements into your muscle memory and experience the nuance of the music and each action. That is why Bella Diva World Dance offers multiple classes a week, including a “Yoga for Dancers” class, which is excellent cross-training for a dancer’s overall health and well-being. Practice, patience, and consistent class attendance are essential to getting the most out of your dance experience!

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