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Hula Dance

$60.00 4 Week Month, $75.00 5 Week Month, $18.00 Drop-In rate

What is Hula Dance?

Sundays 12:45 – 1:45 PM

Also Offering –
Intermediate Hula 5:30PM

Hula ʻAuana

A beautiful cultural dance known for its soft knees, swaying hips and intricate arm and hand movements.

The modern hula is called Hula ʻAuana (oh-wan-ah) and was created in response to Western influences that came to the islands. ‘Auana means to wander or ramble, which aligns with the deviation of this particular type of hula as it drifted away from the sacred elements intrinsic to Hula Kahiko. 

It encompasses the sensibilities of those who were not native, becoming less formal and more interactive with the audience. While Hula ʻAuana also tells stories through movement and song, it is contemporary in nature and what most people think, in a generic sense, of hula dancing. Hula ʻAuana is performed with a variety of musical instruments, including the ukulele and steel guitar.

Taught by Teaching Associate

Lei Viela-Crandall