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Escola de Samba Denver is the newest international addition to the original Escola de Samba Sydney in Australia, directed by renowned performing artist and instructor Sashya Jay.

Escola de Samba Denver carries on Escola de Samba Sydney’s dedication to providing progressive Brazilian dance education that is aligned with the latest and evolving dance techniques and artistic styles in Brazil, with authenticity and respect for the roots of the culture at our core.

Bella Diva artistic director, Caitlin Brozna-Smith, is officially accredited to teach Sashya Jay’s signature technique & syllabus, which bases many of its teachings from the “King of Samba” Carlinhos do Salgueiro in Rio de Janeiro. Caitlin is joined by Teaching Associate Chelsi Vecchiarelli and together they make up the Escola de Samba Denver teaching staff.

We run our classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and there are classes for all levels from absolute beginners to a professional level.

Our Passion Our Purpose
We are dedicated to the integrity of Brazilian dance education. We are passionate about sharing our experience and love for Brazilian dance culture with all our students and nurturing them to grow and be their best dance selves!
Escola de Samba Denver Class Descriptions
Read more detailed information on what to expect in each of our studio classes. We offer courses and weekly classes in Samba no pé.

This course is focused on learning Samba from the ground up. You will learn the technique for the Samba basic step including the foundation footwork and hip movements. We also work on arm placement, body movement and some simple parading and steps. We teach and break down the timing and basic movements in detail in order to ensure that everyone in the class learns at a comfortable pace.

This course is suitable for absolute beginners (no dance experience required) or beginner level Samba students who want to refresh their basic skills.

Our level 2 Samba Improvers course is the next step up from Samba Beginners. The course is focused on improving your Samba basic skills and expanding your range of body movement. We build on the Samba foundation focusing on Sapateado technique, hip isolations, basic travel, simple caminhadas (walks) and transition steps. The course also incorporates elements of classic dance technique to help you to transition through steps smoothly, working on weight placement and control of your movements.

This course is ideal for Samba Beginners who want to progress to the next level or anyone who has a basic knowledge of Samba and wants to brush up on their skills.

This course is the next level up from Improvers. In this course we work on the rotation technique, build on Samba travel variations and expand your range of body movement, hips, arm placement and footwork transitions. We also focus on building Samba speed and fitness using various drills and exercises and work on incorporating more “gingado” (vibe / swing) in your Samba so that you can dance Samba with more feeling and ease.

Drills is an on-going training class focused on drilling and refining technique, resistençia (fitness), transitions, caminhadas and the movements used in Rio Passista style. Incorporating the world famous methods of Carlinhos Salgueiro and the top Samba schools in Rio, this class moves at a fairly fast pace and is ideal for building, refining and maintaining your Samba no pé technique and fitness at a high level.

This course is the ideal next step up from Samba Improvers and prepares dancers for the Advanced Samba.

Our level 4 Samba Advanced course is designed to level up your Samba no pé skills based on the standards of the top Samba schools in Rio de Janeiro. In this course we refine essential technique from Sapateado (linear) to Torçao (rotation), build on technique for speed and fitness, expand on Samba variations, caminhadas (walks), arms, footwork and Passista styling. We also focus heavily on musicality, gingado (vibe / swing) and learning to dance Samba and freestyle according to the different rhythms (Pagode, Bateria, Enredo etc).

This course is the essential next step up from Samba Intermediate.