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Caitlin Brozna-Smith

Artistic Director & Founder

Caitlin, from Denver Colorado, began her dance and music training at an early age as a supplement for competitive figure skating, studying classical ballet and jazz. After obtaining her B.F.A. in Musical Theatre and Dance from the University of Colorado at Boulder and traveling the world on Semester at Sea, her love of dance and world cultures inspired her to branch out to study more world forms of dance, including Belly Dance, Salsa, African, Brazilian Samba No Pe and Bollywood. Caitlin went on to receive her Master of Arts in International Affairs & Communication from the University of Denver in 2005.

Caitlin first started her training of Samba no pe in Salvador, Bahia Brazil during her travels in 2001. From there she continued studying the past 13 years with Samba Ottawa, & and currently with Luciana da Silva. Caitlin has studied with Brazilian Samba professionals Patrick Carvalho, Alvaro Reys, Marcelo Chocolate, Thai Rodrigues, Preta Nascimento, Rodrigo Marques, Mayara Santos, Roangela Silvestre, Dandha Da Hora, and Luiz Claudio Martins, and Carlinhos do Salgueiro.

Caitlin started her Middle Eastern Dance training in 2004, originally studying with internationally renowned belly dance artists Sadie & Kaya while also performing as a member of their dance company Groove du Monde from 2004-2009. More recently Caitlin has trained with Shadia in Ottawa, Ontario during 2010, and Suzanna Del Vecchio in Denver 2011.

Caitlin began her Bollywood training in 2009 & became a teaching associate and troupe performer with Bollywood West dance company under the tutelage of Renu Gupta.

In addition to Bella Diva Dance, Caitlin is currently an Adjunct Professor on faculty at the University of Denver in the Theatre Department and the Lamont School of Music instructing Musical Theatre dance, World Dance, stage movement and choreographing for shows.

Teaching Style

From years of coaching figure skating and teaching dance, Caitlin has developed an exquisite ability to communicate in a myriad of ways, often being able to determine how a student primarily learns, whether they are dominantly visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learners. She is also able to explain the nuance and subtleties of dance movement to help students learn how to control their bodies from the inside out.

Caitlin has dedicated students from all walks of life; she teaches children, adults and even grandmothers with an ability to modify technique and movement for every individual. Whether you’ve been dancing for a lifetime or it is your first time in a dance class, Caitlin’s knowledge, warmth, humor and passion will motivate and assist you in taking your dance to the next level!