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Bella Diva World Dance is a dance studio & performing company dedicated to creating a community for their students while elevating the art of world dance presentation. We dance to share the joy and beauty that is global dance through artistry, intercultural education, thoughtful innovation and quality classes.

Our recipe for quality world dance and fitness classes includes:

– Consistency among faculty in following a shared curriculum
– Ongoing continuing education and training in relevant dance styles
– Thoughtful full body warm ups, lesson plans, choreography, and cool-downs
– Professional performance opportunities for students (Semi-Annual Student Showcases and local festivals)
– A commitment to growth as dancers in the community and what it means to be a global citizens

Whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident! Comfortable dance clothing such as leggings, athletic pants, and fitted sports/tank top is recommended for maximum range of motion and dance technique correction.

Loose clothing (such as sweat pants or long t-shirts) prevents the teacher from seeing if you are executing the movements correctly. A hip scarf is recommended to frame hip movements in the belly dance classes as you develop those fabulous shimmies, but one is not required.

Most classes are done barefoot. If you need additional support you can wear a dance slipper or sneaker that is not worn outside.

Classes are taught on a monthly series-based curriculum, either being 4 or 5 classes per month. New series start the first Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays of the month. Please visit our classes page to see our current schedule of classes.

Yes! The Glendale Shopping Center offers plenty of open spots in the middle of the lot.

Bella Diva Dance offers a flexible make up policy. You may make up any missed class during any of our other open classes during the current month you are registered for. Please let the instructor know ahead of time that you will be planning on attending a class for makeup.

Bella Diva Dance offers a unique blend of modern Egyptian, Oriental and Lebanese style dance technique. Particular emphasis is placed on body awareness, proper alignment and clean movement execution. Bella Diva also offers more western influenced tribal fusion belly dance classes.

Class structure is based on a Western format of beginning with a thorough warm up including body isolations and dynamic stretching, and them moving onto clear movement breakdowns, technique, drills, hands-on corrections and then integrating movements through combinations, choreography and improvisational exercises. Above all else, Bella Diva celebrates the joy, femininity and individual expression inherent in Middle Eastern dance.

Bella Diva instructs Samba no Pe, which literally translates as “Samba of the Feet”. This is a solo samba style and is the classic street-dancing style characterized by fast footwork patterns that can be seen at Carnival in the streets of Rio. Some exposure to Afro-Brazilian, Malandro and Axe style are also incorporated.

Yes, members of the Bella Diva Dance Performing Company regularly perform at private parties, birthday celebrations, bachelorette parties and weddings through the Denver metro area. They are also able to host kids’ birthday parties at the studio. To inquire about performance or private instruction rates and availability, please contact us.

No way! World Dance styles are great fun and exercise for people of all ages, shapes, and sizes every BODY! There are some classes that are more high impact than others for those with health issues. The lower impact dance styles include Belly Dance and Hawaiian Hula A’uana. Higher impact classes include Bollywood, Samba and Tahitian.