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Our studio will be CLOSED from June 29th through July 4th for Summer Break.

Are you ready to dance? Choose the program and grab a spot for your favorite world dance class! Vamos dançar!

Welcome to Bella Diva World Dance!

Offering Colorado a fun, relaxed environment to celebrate
the joy & beauty of dance from around the world!

Bella Diva World Dance is a Denver-based international dance company striving to bring the magic of global movement to Colorado women (and men), while also creating a community for their students. They offer a wide range of dance classes (you need to register to attend) and professional shows upon request.

Client Reviews


Children should learn to dance and benefit from it

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choosing a dance studio

Unlock the Secret to a Longer, Happier Life Through Adult Beginner Dance

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Express With Your Body at Bella Diva Dance Studio

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Bella Diva is Denver’s BEST live World Dance themed show, which is sure to bring high-energy and culturally informed international dance styles to Denver.