Dance Moves Away

Dance Helps You Sleep Better

There might be a hundred reasons why you want to start dancing or why you love to dance, but did you ever think that dance could help you sleep better? Better sleep is not usually a reason for people to consider getting into dancing. We talk a lot about how dance can help you get in shape, improve flexibility and coordination or give you something fun to do, but getting better snooze time is not always top of mind.

As we know, dance is a form of exercise, and in addition to the physical benefits of it, it helps you get better sleep. Exercise helps you sleep better; it’s a fact. So, if you can find something that is fun, challenging, and affordable that will get your body moving and improve your sleep, why wouldn’t you want to try it?

Dance Helps You Sleep Better

Unlike people used to think, it’s not about how soon before bedtime you dance —or exercise, what matters is that you get that time in during the day, and it will pay off as soon as you hit the mattress. Now, for dance to render that kind of result, it needs to be part of your routine for at least four months, so consistency is key. But that’s not hard when you’re doing something you enjoy. Another cool thing about better sleep as a side effect of dance is that sleeping better will help you exercise longer. It comes full circle and helps improve your overall health.

Here are a few other ways in which dance benefits your sleep:

  • Improves your sleep quality by increasing your deep sleep which is crucial for your body to relax, regenerate cells and improve your memory.
  • Decreases stress and anxiety.
  • Has no dangerous side effects like sleeping pills do,
  • Minimizes Restless Leg Syndrome as it increases blood flow to your leg muscles.


It takes 16 weeks to build a habit and improve your sleep, thanks to dance. The year is just starting, so start dancing today. Time will fly by, and soon you’ll be sleeping like a baby. Join Bella Diva Dance for the best world dance classes in Denver.