How to Improve Your Bollywood Dancing

There’s much more to dance than just moving around to the beat of a certain song. There are six elements of dance every dancer needs to know.

Dance Basics You Want To Know

If you’re new to the dance world, you should know there are some elements to need that are essential to dance. Ideally, you should master the first three before moving on to the other three.

Step Patterns in DanceStep Pattern

We could say that a pattern is a group of elements that are repeated in a predictable manner. If you apply that concept to dance, what does it make you think of? Dance steps, maybe? Yes. A step pattern is basically a mini dance sequence made of a bunch of dance steps that were put together. These sequences could also be combined to create a whole routine.


The footwork is the way in which the feet move during the dance. This brings the technical element into play. Footwork involves the dance technique and provides aesthetic value and artistic expression.


Good timing is important in every type of dance. This concept refers to moving to the beat of the music. Not just performing the movements to the beat but actually feeling the beat to perform the movements.

Musicality and timing make you a better dancerLead & Follow

This is how two complete strangers can dance together as one, in harmony. Partner dancing has two roles: the leader and the follower. Learning to effectively perform your role is a skill that takes time but it’s the magic of partner dancing.


Style adds an element of character and uniqueness to each individual dance. Certain styles of dance are characterized by a certain attitude or specific movements. There’s a lot of sexy hip action that is the staple of Latin Dances, while elegance and grace are a must for waltzes.


a :  uninterrupted connection, succession, or union

Source: Merriam-Webster

Once you put together the steps, everything should be seamless. The fluidity in which movements follow one another is related to the consistency of the dance, and the ability to do that is called continuity.

Once you’ve mastered each element of dance, you can dance anything. Put your new skills to the test during one of our world dance classes. There are many rhythms you can dance to. Which one will you try first?