Dance as a Creativity Booster

Creativity is an innate quality that is developed through stimulation. Many are constantly searching for ways to increase their productivity, and dance could be the solution.

How Dance Boosts Creativity

Biologically, we are driven to dance. Dancing is one of the most natural things we can do, as humans, and it can have a huge impact on our ability to learn.
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Dance has been linked to problem solving and creativity. A study on how dancing can affect divergent thinking showed that the subjects performed better at the creative task they were assigned to, after having been involved in improvised dance exercises. In this study, the subjects were children but more studies have taken on the task to prove this also applies to older people.

Dance boosts creativity by enabling you to find more solutions to divergent thinking problems, and it also speeds up your problem-solving skills and cognitive processes. Additionally, dance is greatly beneficial in other areas of social interaction and the ability to think on your feet. Other studies performed with adults showed that when involved in a dance program for six months, the subjects showed cognitive improvements, like improved reaction times and working memory.

We use dance as a way to express ourselves, but it also is a way we can experience the world.
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It helps us communicate our feelings, experiences, ideas, and understand each other. Some of the fundamentals of dance lie in the ability to learn and follow patterns with challenging footwork, working and communicating with others. Dance helps us reconnect with our bodies and other people, and should be an integral part of our learning process.

How Dance Boosts Creativity

Dance Knows No Age

Dance is a wonderful, enriching activity for children that can contribute to a healthy development. But dance is not just for the youngsters.
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