Your Dancing Body is a Blessing

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The hardest worker often goes unnoticed. A moving body is a blessing we should be grateful for.

Being Able to Move is a Gift

As a dancer, you probably spend a lot of time looking at yourself it the mirror, not in a I’m-in-love-with-myself kind of way but in a am-I-doing-the-right-moves kind of way. It’s part of a dancer’s life. However, sometimes spending so much time staring a ourselves in the mirror, combined with the pressure of society and their idea of beauty, it is easy to start scrutinizing our body, looking for every single flaw we can find, to then be hard on ourselves for not being or looking a certain way, and that should stop. Allowing those thoughts into our minds is a self-destructing practice that has no business in our life.

Being Able to Move is a GiftYour body allows you to move beautifully and paint pictures with those movements that can even touch the hearts of others. That machine that is made out of flesh, bone, and skin is constantly giving you endless opportunities to create beauty, whether in the form of dance or otherwise. Sadly, we don’t often realize this and we treat it like it did us wrong, like it owes us something.

Being Grateful Changes Everything

If you haven’t realized how lucky you are to have a functioning body that allows you to do so many things, it’s time. The moment you start being grateful for your body and what it can do, you will stop worrying about what it can’t do or what it doesn’t have. When that happens, it’s like a switch goes off your head and it has a waterfall effect in your life. Being grateful leads to loving your body and loving your body leads to better choices; better nutrition, better sleep, leading to better mood and improved wellness, and the list goes on. These healthier choices will have a positive impact on your dance performance, your technique, your artistry, making you a better dancer.

Positive thinking is a habit just like negative thinking is. Make a change in the way you think about yourself and your body. Start small and be patient with yourself. Next time you’re in a dance class in front of a mirror, challenge yourself to find one thing you love about your body and make that a habit. You won’t regret it.

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