What You Should Know About Stretching and Belly Dance

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Being flexible allows dancers to complete their movements with grace and ease as it improves the range of motion. That flexibility is essential in belly dance.

Key Facts About Stretching for Belly Dance

We all know about it. Stretching is important for all kinds of physical activity. As a belly dancer, it is important that you dedicate time to stretching before dancing. This can keep you injury-free and gradually increase your flexibility, but there’s also more to stretching than just that. Here are some more facts about stretching that are worth knowing about.

Follow Your Instinct to Stretch

Did you know that stretching is actually an instinctive activity? Both animals and humans are likely to stretch after waking from sleep, or after spending inactive for long periods of time. So, why go against that instinct? Instead, follow it and take advantage of the positive impacts that stretching can have on your dancing.

Stretching Will Make You a Graceful Dancer

Your body’s posture and natural balance are stabilized when you stretch. Your joints are also aligned as a consequence, which improves your coordination. All this adds up and translates into graceful belly dance movements.

Warm Up Before DancingNever Stretch Cold Muscles

Never skip your warm-up. Stretching cold muscles can easily lead to injury. Warming up prior to your stretching routine is essential, so take at least a couple of minutes to get your muscles ready for stretching, or try getting a massage. That will help your muscles relax into your stretches.

Gain Flexibility with PNF

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation is a technique that stretches a muscle to its limit and significantly improve your belly dancing. One way of doing it is to stretch the muscle for about 30 seconds, then flex it for about 15 seconds, and then stretch it again.

“PNF causes the brain to go ‘I don’t want that muscle to tear’ and sends a message to let the muscle relax a little more than it would normally,” says fasciologist Ashley Black.

Source: Healthline

Stretching to avoid injuriesPrevent Arthritis By Stretching

Stretching not only makes you dance more gracefully, it also lubricates the joints, and can also enhance and maintain range of motion, which greatly benefits those with arthritis and can even help prevent it.

Stretch It Out and Become a Graceful Belly Dancer in Denver

Belly dance can help you build strength, and improve posture and musicality. Complementing it with yoga can help you dance with more ease and grace, and will have a great impact on your overall belly dance ability. Give us a call to find out more.