Cross-Training for Dancers

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Dancing is awesome! It’s fun and it makes you feel good but sometimes it’s not enough. If you’re serious about dancing, regular classes will help you perfect your technique but adding some cross-training to your routine can help you improve certain weaknesses as it will improve your strength, flexibility, endurance and your overall fitness, which will also make you a better dancer.

3 cross-training tips for dancers

Here are some options you can consider:

Cross-training for dancers


Strength training can be quite beneficial. With the right weightlifting program, you will develop muscle strength quickly. No need to worry about “bulking up”. To end up looking like a body builder, you’d need to train like an elite athlete and eat like one, too. Strength training will give you lean muscle, less body fat, and no bulk – just what you need for all those dance tricks you love to do.

Improving strength for dancers

Do some cardio

For a sleeker, longer look, add some aerobic workouts to your routine. Swimming, jogging, power walking or spinning on the stationary bike are some good options to try for you to improve your endurance. This will allow you to dance longer without becoming tired so soon.

Stretching for Dancers

Stretch those muscles

Pilates is one option that is great to work on your balance and body control, and at the same time improve core strength and flexibility which are key things for every dancer. Move flexibility means more freedom of movement, so you will be able to perform more advanced routines.

Think about it! These are some options. Ask your training instructor to suggest other alternative programs that can work for you. Complementing your dance training with something else will eventually turn your weaknesses into strengths, meaning that you will be less prone to injuries and it will also make you a better dancer. That doesn’t sound bad at all, does it?