Build Core Strength and Dance Better

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When you’re a dancer, having a strong core is a must, and it goes beyond having a six-pack. Core strength gives you the ability to move more gracefully through a routine.

The Importance of Core Strength for Dancers

Dancers are required to perform a series of complex movements every day. Regardless of the style of dancing, a balanced combination of strength, flexibility, speed, balance, and control are key to performing those choreographed movements with ease and grace.

What Are Core Muscles?

In simple words, core muscles are the muscles located in the torso but exclude those present in the limbs. It’s not only the muscles on the front of your torso that count but also those on the back side.

The core muscles are predominantly formed by the rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis and internal and external obliques – all commonly known as abdominal muscles, along with the gluteus (buttock muscles), pelvic floor, and scapular muscles. The main function of this group of muscles is to stabilise a body segment so that another body segment can generate power. When activated properly, they also help in avoiding or minimizing injury.


Essentially, the ability of the muscles of the core to load and contract at the appropriate time is where core strength comes from. Having a strong core gives freedom to the limbs to create their movement. There are several exercises dancers can do to unlock their core power; however, improvement won’t happen overnight. Dedication and discipline are key in the strengthening process.

Yoga for dancers

Getting Stronger Through Yoga

Yoga is one of the most effective ways to build a strong core. Bella Diva Dance’s new “Yoga for Dancers” class will enable dancers to effectively cross-train, equipping them with greater breath awareness, increased strength & flexibility, and injury prevention & recovery techniques needed to maintain optimal mobility. This class is suitable for both dancers & non-dancers alike, male & female, all ages & from any background. Come join us! The emphasis on proper alignment, balance & agility will make even someone with two left feet look & feel like a dancer!