How to Improve Retention After Dance Class

Helping Your Memory Between Dance Classes

Not all of the work happens in dance class. If you want to improve your dance skills, you have to condition your brain as much as you have to condition your body.

You might be struggling to learn choreography during class, or you’re doing great in class, but when coming back to the next class, you forgot everything you learned the last time. Whatever the case, it is clear that your mind needs a little workout, too.

Here are 3 tips to help you train your memory between classes:

Tips to Work Your Memory Between Dance ClassesIsolate Movements

Don’t overload your brain with so much information. Give it time to catch up to all those new moves you’re trying to teach it. Focus on one movement at a time. A great way to do it is to break down by body part. What are your feet supposed to be doing? Practice that. What is your head supposed to be doing? Practice that separately.

Dance, Dance, Repeat

You know what they say. Practice makes perfect. Schedule some time to practice at home and go over your movements repeatedly. This will help things stick in your mind. Be mindful of timing, footwork, and all those critical details. If you teach yourself a move the wrong way, it will be harder for you to correct it later on.

Record Yourself and Watch it Back

Looking at yourself in the mirror or filming yourself and then watching it back is a wonderful way to help your brain take it all in. If you can, record your teacher going over the moves in class. That way you’ll have a reference to guide yourself. Watching that and then imitating the movements makes it easier for your brain to adapt.


Whether you’re doing Samba, Bollywood or Belly dance, your mind needs to be sharp to make continuous progress. Come dance at Bella Diva World Dance and feel free to practice in between classes. You’ll feel much more confident the next class.