Your Core Plays a Crucial Role in Dance

The Importance of a Strong Core in Dance

‘Core’ is a word we throw around a lot but normally, we think it’s a synonym for abs. And, while ab muscles are certainly part of the core, they’re not all there is. The core is the central region of your body structure and it includes the muscles in your back, abs, and pelvic region.

Dancers are used to hearing “engage your core” quite frequently, and the reason for it goes beyond the fact that a six-pack looks nice. Your core stabilizes your body and maintains your posture. Your core is the center of your body and all movement flows from there.
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When your core muscles are engaged, the energy comes from there and it spreads out to the rest of your body, like your limbs, which means that when your core is working, you minimize the amount of work that other muscles in your body have to do. This is greatly valuable for a dancer since it helps them be more efficient in the way they move and keep their body from getting too tired, too quickly.
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The Importance of a Strong Core in Dance

Strong core muscles, along with other elements, like proper focus and physical and mental preparation, help dancers improve their performance and avoid injuries, like sprains and fractures, among others. A good core leads to good posture, both of which are essential to dance your best.

What Does “Engage Your Core” Really Mean?
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Engaging your core is not about crunching your abs or just tightening your belly. It goes beyond that.

  1. Pull your belly in towards your spine and tighten your ab muscles.
  2. Lengthen your spine, as if a string were being pulled upwards from the top of your head.
  3. Feel your center

Stable, strong muscles are a great foundation for you to build your dance technique on. With some samba, belly dance, or Bharat Natyam, you’ll start whipping those core muscles into shape. Join our dance classes at Bella Diva Dance and start working on your core, improving your performance.