You’ve heard of it! Imagine having a bite at the mall’s food court and suddenly come out dancers from nowhere and start dancing a choreographed show just for you.
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And they were already there, it was the person right next to you, dressed like a civilian! It has been a very successful form of art expression as also choirs and performers have taken the flashmob leap. Bella Diva Dance is not the exception.
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  Let’s read about some interesting facts about flash mobs and how they have impacted the performing world.


Interesting facts about flash mobs

The term flash mob

It was first used in 2003, little after the first acknowledged flash mobs took place in Manhattan. In 2004, the term was incorporated into the Concise Oxford English Dictionary. It comes from the term “flash rob” or “flash mob robberies” where some groups of teenagers would pickpocket passer-bys when groups of people would assemble. But today it’s given the definitions of an unusual act in purposes of entertainment, satire or artistic expression.

How different can flash mobs be

Not only have there been flash mobs in virtually every country of the planet, but also the topics and purposes are very varied. Good causes, protests, celebrations, wedding proposals, even advertising, to just name a few. The British Army Musicians have quite a repertoire of flash mobs. Dance choreographs or musicians performing flash mobs have occurred everywhere: airport’s shopping halls, home depot, train stations, parks, streets, malls

Largest Flash mob ever

The first flash mobs happened in Manhattan in 2003. On the ninth floor of a Macy’s store, 130 people performed in front of many surprised spectators.
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The second flash mob took place in the lobby of a Hyatt hotel with 200 people. The largest flash mob ever was simultaneous flash mob that took place in 300 cities across North America where more than 50,000 people broke out in dance at the exact same time, organized by ViSalus.

World Dance Flash Mob in Denver

“One Billion Rising” 2015 in February 14th was performed at Denver’s Capitol. It’s historically the largest mass action to end violence against women. Bella Diva Dance had the honor to perform a flash mob as part of the danced the choreography “Break the Chain”, created by renowned choreographer Debbie Allen. Enjoy a video with footage of our event: