Why Do People Dance?

Dancing is a super fun way to get in shape. You get your body moving and use tons of different muscle groups. You start building muscle mass and burning fat, slowly but surely. Depending on the style of dance, the class can be really strenuous or super laid back, which will impact the number of calories you burn. We brought you a list of dances and the calories each of them can make you burn, depending on a series of factors.

Calories per Hour Burned by Dancing

Hip Hop

Hip hop involves large movements of the entire body, which places it high on the expenditure scale. It also often involves freestyling, meaning that muscle groups are kept guessing and are less likely to stop responding to the exercise or hit a plateau. In 60 minutes, hip hop will use between 370 (for people of lighter bodyweights) to 610 (for those weighing 180 and up) calories.


We estimate that there are 380 to 450 ballet calories burnt per hour. As an added bonus, this form of dance tends to be associated with great posture, a strong core, increased flexibility, and very strong legs. It is known for building that long and lean look that women so often strive for, but make no mistake; ballet requires a great deal of strength. For example, pro football players have been known to use ballet training to improve their performances.

Dance workout


You can burn anywhere from 288 calories to 576 calories per hour depending on your body weight and the intensity of the dance.

Ballroom Dancing

Slower paced styles will expend between 150 and 220 calories, while quicker types will range between 250 and 320 calories per hour.

Belly Dance

Roughly 270-320 calories for less intense versions, and between 290 and 360 calories for faster & higher intensity styles.


This kind of dancing can require a great deal of strength and agility, as some of the moves require impressive poses holding one’s own bodyweight. We estimate that break dancing burns 400-650 calories per hour.

Country or Western

Again, the amount of effort put forth and the speed and difficulty of the movements will make a big difference, but generally speaking, this type of workout will use up between 290 and 420 calories.

[Adapted from https://www.fitnessblender.com/]

Keep in mind that a variety of factors like age, body weight, the intensity of the dance, and even the weather can impact how many calories you burn. Pick a class and start burning calories now while you have tons of fun with us. We’re sure you’ll have a great time!