Bella Diva Dancers at Kavod

Dancers from Bella Diva Dance will visit Kavod Senior Life on Sunday, September 13th to perform for older adults living on campus. The celebration is both in honor of Grandparents’ Day as well as those residents with September birthdays.

“Social Dis-Dance” Will Entertain & Honor Older Adults

Social isolation and loneliness among older adults have become much of a concern during the time of COVID. While much of the world is slowly starting to go back to work and school and have socially distanced interactions with friends and family, our senior populations in assisted/long-term care facilities seem to have become the forgotten ones. Many of these facilities have been under quarantine for over 175 days, and families haven’t been able to see their loved ones other than by electronic devices or through a window if they are lucky.

Group and outside visitors are no longer allowed, measures needed to stop the virus among a population considered most at risk. That means there are no group exercise classes, arts and crafts, religious services, or visiting entertainers until now.

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Kavod Senior Life

Inspired by the quarantined Italians who opened their balconies to sing to one another to fight loneliness, Bella Diva World Dance will bring their Social Dis-Dance showcase on the road to perform outside for the residents of Kavod Senior Living in Cherry Creek. For a population cut off from the rest of the world, they are bringing the world to them. Residents will be able to open their windows from their apartments to look out and hear music from around the globe accompanying 50 dancers performing Hula, Bollywood, Belly Dance, Afro-Caribbean, and Persian dance on the ground below. Pedestrians and passersby will also be able to stop and catch the show.

“We are so grateful to have the talented dancers from Bella Diva Dance come to perform for us. They have been one of our residents’ favorite groups in the past; their presence is even more meaningful now due to limited activity options related to COVID-19 restrictions.”

Connie Moore, Director of Life Enrichment for Kavod.

Artistic Director Caitlin Brozna-Smith says, “The global pandemic has been especially hard on our elderly population when it comes to the long-term effects of isolation and social distancing. At the heart of what it means to be human is the need to connect with others. I know enjoying dance and hearing music from different world cultures play a powerful part in being able to connect and learn about other life experiences through their stories. We want the Kavod community to know we love them and support them. They have not been forgotten and still matter!”

When? Sunday September 13th 2-4 PM
Where? Kavod Senior Living, 44 South Adams Street, Denver 80209