How to Dance in Heels With Confidence

As any seasoned dancer knows, dancing in heels can be uncomfortable and challenging, but it’s also an important part of every dancer’s repertoire. The use of character shoes or ballroom shoes in the studio or on stage can add an extra layer of class to a performance, making the shoes that you wear an extension of your personality, as well as your art form. 

Say No to Street Shoes

The technique of dancing on your toes is something that all professional dancers have mastered, and part of that mastery includes doing it while wearing shoes they’re accustomed to. You should train before you dance in heels. The heels you choose must be professional either a character shoe or a ballroom shoe, but not a street shoe (pump, stiletto, etc.). If you wear street shoes, there’s a chance you might slip, slide or collapse your foot into a position that could result in injury.

Learn About Your Body

When dancing en pointe, it’s easy to fall into bad habits like over-arching your back, knees bent or feet turned out. If you want to keep your posture correct and avoid injury, it’s important to know what correct looks like before you try moving into more advanced positions. It may take some time and practice before you have control over your body (especially when wearing high heels), but certain exercises will help train your body. 

Practice Safe Technique

Whether you’re a ballerina or a hip-hop dancer, wearing heels every day can take its toll on your body. It’s important to remember that all ballet flats and character shoes have raised toes and heels that can wear down and bruise your feet. However, if you practice using safe techniques, wearing them to dance will not harm your feet.

Develop Good Balance

Ballet and jazz are some of the few forms of dance that require women to wear heels as part of their regular training. Because these shoes can pose problems, it’s essential to develop a strong sense of balance while wearing them. A strong core and awareness of it are imperative for performing well when wearing heels. If you’re still getting used to dancing with heels on, take it slow at first. Once you’ve developed your sense of balance, then work on style — after all, no one wants to look clunky while dancing!

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