"One cannot learn samba, one must feel samba, be samba!"
Different Styles of Samba
Beginner: Tuesdays 6:30pm-7:30pm
Beginner: Thursdays 6:30pm-7:30pm
Int/Adv: Thursdays 7:45pm-8:45pm
What is Samba no Pe?

A very energetic solo dance! It is the sensual & fast paced street dancing typically seen in Rio during Carnival season. The specific style Samba no pe literally means ‘samba of the feet’ and is a solo form of samba, as opposed to ballroom style, Samba Gafieira. Samba is for everyone and you will learn to find your own personal beat & rhythm to the infectious samba music. Samba no pe is a Samba style danced by the women and men of the Escola de samba (samba school). Every year the samba schools compete during Carnaval. The colorful parade is comprised of spectacular floats, over-the-top costumes, thousands of dancers, singers and Bateria (drummers). The “Samba do Rio” style is high-energy, fast footwork, high-stamina and improvisation while dancing.

What is Samba Reggae?

Samba Reggae stemmed from the 1970’s political movement (Black Pride), and awareness of the need to support and strengthen Afro-Brazilian communities. This musical genre from Bahia, Brazil (northeast of Rio) is a blend of Brazilian samba with Jamaican reggae as typified by Bob Marley. Samba-reggae represents an effort by black Brazilians to develop a Carnival parade music that they could call their own, and to form all-black or mostly-black “blocos” with which they could parade during Carnival. The afro bloco music was very different because they aimed to recreate and reinforce their community through their music. The movements typical from this genre of samba tend to be earthier, more bent in the knees, and less presentational.

What is Samba Axe?

Samba Axé is a solo dance that started in 1992 during the Brazilian Carnival season in Bahia when the Axé rhythm replaced the Lambada. For years it became the major type of dance for the north east of Brazil during the holiday months. The dance is completely choreographed and the movements tend to mimic the lyrics. It’s a very energetic kind of dance that mixes elements of Samba no pé and aerobics and because of the lyrics, which are made for entertainment, the dance generally has some sort of expressive, literal element.
Several Axé music groups such as “É o Tchan” have as part of their marketing strategy to always release a choreography together with every one of their songs; therefore, Samba Axé is an ever-changing kind of dance with no commitment to maintaining any formal set of steps or routines.

During Class

In class you’ll learn basic footwork technique, hips movements, body rolls and Afro-Brazilian style movements. Samba is for everyone and you will learn to find your own personal beat & rhythm to the infectious samba music. It’s suitable for anybody who is looking for fitness or just to smile while you sweat!
The Samba beat is in 2/4 time, with there being 2 beats per measure. And within those 2 beats, we fit in 3 foot step articulations, with 3 separate weight transfers.

Beginner Samba Class Curriculum:
Basic Samba Foot Patterns

Samba Basic Forward
Bahia Side Samba
Back Samba Shuffle Step
Bahia Side Samba
Porto Seguro

Other Foot Patterns & Sequences

Grapevines, Pivot Diamonds, Jazz Squares, Parade & Promenade
and Traveling Hip Twists & Circles

Body Movements

Body Breaks
Body Wave
Funky Chicken
Shoulder Shimmies
African Shimmy
Volta Mundo
Interior Hip Circles
Side Lunge & Drags

Intermediate Samba Technique & Choreography Class:

This class will build upon the fundamentals learned in the Beginner level and start to challenge and expand your Samba vocabulary, shakes, & movements. Basic foot steps will be drilled at a faster tempo, as well as learning combos and sequences of specific foot patterns. Time will also be spent on learning full Samba choreographies! Class will branch out to explore other styles of Samba including Samba Axe, Samba de Roda, & Samba Reggae.

Foot Step Patterns and Styles

Scissors “Tesoura”
Mestre Sala
Sao Paulo Style

Intermediate level shakes, rolls, & hip movements.

Beginner Samba no Pe

by Teaching Associate Erin Anderson

This class will focus on the basic footwork and movements of Brazilian Samba no pe, the dance style classic of the street dancing in Rio de Janeiro. Time will be spent on both basic footwork, Afro-Brazilian body movements & basic choreography. Taught by Teaching Associate Erin Anderson.

Intermediate/Adv Samba, Technique & Choreo

by Caitlin

This weekly class will focus on the fast paced footwork of samba, while also integrating the expression of Latin and African movements. Time will be spent on short combinations and full Samba choreographies that the company performs. At least 1 year experience in Beginner class highly recommended.

$52.00 for a 4 Week Month, $65.00 for a 5 Week Month Series
$15.00 Drop-In rate if space is available