Tribal Infusions Belly Dance

What is Tribal Infusions Belly Dance?

Mondays 7:45-8:45 PM

Tribal Infusions, taught by Bella Diva Teaching Associate Micaela Cruce, is inspired by the young and growing genre of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. This foundational class offers a dash of fusion with an avant-garde twist. It introduces students to a medley of belly dance techniques, both Middle Eastern and American in origin. Using a combination of Cabaret and Tribal stylizations, this class will emphasize slow and melodic muscle control. In addition, this class will encourage the development of improvisational dance skills and zill-work. It will combine challenging drills, gooey combinations, and a playful selection of unconventional music. Tribal Infusions cheers precision, innovation, and unabashed self-expression.

A little about Tribal Belly Dance:
“American Tribal Style” describes dancers working together as a group with a “tribal” look. Cues and formations are the brilliance of American Tribal and the improvisations often go unnoticed because of the elaborate costumes, fancy footwork, exciting music, and the sheer beauty of women dancing together. Formations and cues are the anchor of improvisational choreography. Even occasional formal choreography is created around the logic of the formations and cues.

Taught by Teaching Associate

Micaela Cruce

$52.00 for a 4 Week Month, $65.00 for a 5 Week Month Series (depending on the month)
$15.00 Drop-In rate if space is available