Bella Diva World Dance & Escola de Samba Denver’s Road to Rio 2023

Carnaval is known worldwide as the world’s largest party. Every year hundreds of thousands of people gather in Rio de Janeiro to celebrate Carnaval with blocos, pagodes, parades, and of course lots of Samba. Residents and tourists all come together to watch the culminating event, Carnaval Carioca. Escolas from all over Rio come to compete and perform. Each school has one chance to wow the audience and judges. But behind each show is months and months worth of hard work and dedication.

This year,  10 of the performing company members of Escola de Samba Denver at Bella Diva World Dance will be traveling to Rio in only a couple weeks to be immersed in Brazilian culture during this Carnaval season!

The ESD dancers will join three different Samba Schools in Rio and parade down Sapucaí as members of the Escolas, organized by Sashya Jay and Nubia Santos as part of Samba Internacional. 

The process for earning their place in each escola started in June of 2022 when each of the ESD dancers had to audition. A video submission to each school was required for every dancer to be selected to join various “Alas” (a wing or group of each parade).

Passista Ala with União de Jacarepaguá:

Escola Diretora Caitlin, Addi, and Grace auditioned to be a part of the passista ala at União de Jacarepaguá. Uniao is part of the Series Ouro Grupo (Gold series group).The passista ala includes some of the best dancers in each school. Many people auditioned and only 10 dancers were selected. In order to participate in the Passista Ala, Caitlin, Addi and Grace will spend 5 weeks prior to carnaval in Rio training with the Escola. During this time, they will become a part of the community, train with the resident dancers, take part in the Technical Rehearsal in the Sambódromo (Ensaio Técnico), ensaios de ruas, and perform at other community events. União will perform on Saturday February 18th at 9:00 PM (BRT).

Sambista Ala with Unidos de Bangu:

7 of the ESD dancers will join Unidos de Bangu as part of their Sambista Ala. Bangu is part of the Series Ouro Grupo (Gold series group). Chelsi, Anna, Andréia, Ali, Alina, Candice and Luki will head to Rio two weeks prior to carnaval in order to train with their Escola. The sambistas also had to submit a video recording in order to audition for their place in the Ala. 

During their time in Rio they will train with their Ala directors, participate in Ensaio de Ruas (street rehearsals) and dance with their Escola in the big show. Bangu will parade on Saturday February 18th at 10:30 PM (BRT)

Float Ala with Império Serrano:

Coming off of their win in the Series Ouro Grupo in 2022, Imperio Serrano will move up to Grupo Especial this year. Three of the ESD dancers will join Imperio as members of their Float Ala. Caitlin, Chelsi and Luki will help Império open the grand competition as they perform on one of the floats as part of the Escola. Imperio Serrano will parade on February 19, 2023 at 10:00 PM (BRT).

While in Brazil the ten ESD dancers will also participate in multiple workshops with some of the best samba dancers in Brazil. It is an immense honor and privilege to participate in Carnaval with the local comunidades. They hope to bring their new knowledge and commitment of samba back to Denver to help continue to grow the samba community locally! 

Want to check out the parades live? Tune into Globo at: for a live streaming of all of the parades!

  • União de Jacarepaguá will perform on Saturday February 18th at 9:00 PM (BRT)
  • Unidos de Bangu will parade on Saturday February 18th at 10:30 PM (BRT)
  • Império Serrano will parade on February 19, 2023 at 10:00 PM (BRT)

Follow ESD on IG & TikTok to keep up with their Carnaval journey and travel blog. @EscoladeSambaDenver 

Book Professional World Dancers for Private and Public Events

World Dance Classes in Denver

Everybody loves a themed event! However, choosing a cultural theme requires thought and consideration. You want to make sure that you represent that culture authentically. Book professional world dancers and bring cultural authenticity to an event, whether it’s for a birthday party, anniversary, corporate celebration, fundraiser, or local community event. 

Take Your Event to the Next Level

If you’re looking to host a great private event, why not take it to the next level? You can make your next themed party more culturally authentic. How do you do this? If you book professional world dancers from Bella Diva, your event will immediately become more culturally inclusive! 

Book Professional World Dancers for Events
Our professional world dance performers will bring cultural authenticity to a themed event.

Our talented dancers have performed at a range of large and exciting events. We’ve participated in shows in so many incredible venues, and we’d love to join your next private event. Our performances fit any educational, fundraising, or corporate need. Whether you want to teach children about the importance of diversity and culture or provide some entertainment for your party guests, our shows can bring the community together through cultural dance. 

Ensure Cultural Authenticity at Culturally Themed Events

Book professional world dancers for everything from Bollywood weddings, Moroccan theme parties, and Arabian nights. The dancers at Bella Diva can make your event something extra special that every one of your guests will remember for years to come. 

Our professional world dancers will wow your guests with a performance featuring various world dance styles, like Brazilian Samba, Bollywood, Belly Dance, Persian, Tahitian/Hula, and much more.  

Book Professional World Dancers for Your Culturally Themed Event

If you’re hosting an event and are looking to book professional world dancers, get in touch with us today! If you’re interested in taking classes in world dance, register for classes here. You could be part of our next dance show alongside our team of amazing dances!

We can’t wait to see you at our world dance studio!

How World Dance Classes Can Inspire a Healthy Body Image

Dancing for a Better Booty

A healthy body image is all about being happy with your body, no matter the size or shape. Developing a love of dance through world dance classes can help you fall in love with your body. It’s important to learn to love and appreciate your body exactly as it is. Learning to dance and becoming comfortable with the way your body moves will give you a deeper appreciation for what your body can do. Although it can be difficult, it’s important to appreciate your body the way it is and to make sure your fitness or body goals are realistic and achievable. Dance for the enjoyment of it, and fitness will follow. Enjoyment and acceptance are at the heart of our dance classes

World Dance Classes for Body Appreciation

Bella Diva Dancers
It’s important to learn to love and appreciate your body exactly as it is.

Dance puts you in touch with your body. Through the movement of dance, you will become more comfortable with the way your body moves as you flow to the music. Moving to the rhythm of the music will bring you a greater understanding of what your body is capable of. 

Dance is for every body type. This is especially true for world dance classes. There is no single type that should or should not dance because dance is for everyone. 

Building Community

In our classes, you’ll find a community that celebrates all body types. Dance is about focusing on the movements rather than focusing on the physical aspects. That said, there is definitely a physical aspect to dance. That’s because the movements are, by nature, physical and will help you to build strength and stamina. 

This newfound strength and stamina, built through the fun and enjoyable process of learning dance, can inspire confidence and bring you a newfound appreciation for your body. Dance helps you to lead a healthy lifestyle through movement. Are you ready to move to the music? Register for classes today.

Alternative Dance Classes For Fun and Fitness

Alternative Dance Classes

Alternative dance classes do more than just teach you how to dance; they can enrich your life and expand your horizons. World dance will feed your soul, while the physical elements will improve your physical fitness. Dance, in any form, is fitness and wellness combined.

Alternative Dance Classes are Fun

World Dance classes at Bella Diva are fun and enrich your life. Exposing yourself to new dances and cultures will open up a whole new world. After a tough year and a half, we are all ready to explore cultures, history, traditions, movements, and music, rhythms, and song. We may not quite be ready to travel, but we can travel to faraway places through the power of world dance. Plus, actively participating in culturally rich experiences and learning new dance styles can transport our minds, bodies, and souls to places we only dream of visiting.

Alternative Dance Classes
World Dance is the perfect combination of fitness, fun, and wellness.

Our goal is not just to connect our members with new dances and cultures, but to connect with a community of people. Together we grow, laugh, dance, and share our cultures to create a wonderful tapestry of people of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

A few dance styles and cultures you can have fun exploring are:

  • Belly Dance – Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Middle East
  • Hula – French Polynesia, Hawaii
  • Bollywood – India
  • Samba – Brazil, Latin America
  • Caribe – Afro-Caribbean

Because dance has evolved, even the most traditional styles, as we’ve gotten closer as a global community, most of our classes will infuse a few different cultures into every class.

Dance for Fitness

We love the cultural aspect of our world dance classes, but don’t underestimate the physical fitness that comes with every class. Whether you’re enjoying the slow and fluid movements of Belly Dance, or the faster-paced Bollywood and Samba, the core strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance required is going to give you a workout.

Dance classes are also a great outlet for getting rid of pent-up frustrations through physical activity. This makes it a great way to unwind from the stresses of daily life. Dance is good for the whole body and can be a great way to stay active. 

If you think it’s fun to immerse yourself in new experiences, surround yourself with like-minded people, and get in a great workout, then you’ll find yourself at home in our studio.

Make Your Dancing Look Effortless with These Tips

Make Your Dancing Look Effortless with These Tips

Creating beautiful and smooth movement is not as easy as it may seem.

How to Look Effortless on the Dance Floor

Have you ever watched someone dance and felt like time stopped for a second just to witness that particular moment? Dancers who move with ease and make their craft look like it’s the simplest thing know how hard it really is. Moving efficiently is not only pleasing to the eye but convenient for the dancer as it allows you to conserve your energy.

Mastering the art of making movement look effortless takes some work but these tips can get you on the right track.

Use Your Power Wisely

The level of energy that you put into every move sets the tone. Too little energy can make everything look dull and too much energy can make things seem forced. It is tricky but learning how to dose your energy just right can add a whole different dimension to your dancing.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Dancing helps you develop body awareness which is essential to moving efficiently but being aware of what’s around you and showing it, is just as important. Don’t fix your eyes on the mirror but instead, look around, relax your neck and allow your head to move without restrictions. This will make you look more confident on stage adding an element of effortlessness.

How to Look Effortless on the Dance Floor

Generate Smooth Transitions

Transitions have a lot to do with shifting weight and efficiently using your power to finish one move and start the next, without having to stop and then carry on. When you start polishing your transitions, your dancing will definitely look smoother and more refined.

Practice Makes Perfect

The first time you try these tips you might be either too shy or too strong with them. Only by repeating the movements you’ll understand how they are supposed to feel. Give it time, practice and it will get better.

Dance Your Heart Out in Colorado

World dance is a lot about power and strength but it also has its soft nuances that are important to the quality of movement in every style of dance. Come practice your moves with us. Book your next class online, or give us a call and join us anytime.


Unexpected Things That Happen When You Become a Dancer

The dance world is a world of its own but when you sign up for classes, you end up getting more than just a workout.

Facts About Being a Dancer

When you first start dancing, you are aware of a few things like the physical benefits, the work you’ll have to put in and the kind of things you’ll do in class but there are other things you never thought would happen before being a dancer. These are some of the things that might have taken you by surprise:

Dance Became an Important Part of Your Life

You probably didn’t imagine dance would be as addictive as it is. Now that you do it frequently, when you don’t do it, you know you miss it. There’s an urge to be at the dance studio, to try out new choreography, learn new moves, meet new people. Dance is so much a part of your life now that you probably can’t hear a song without your brain trying to choreograph to it.

Facts About Being a DancerYou Love Being Part of a Dance Community

When you started dancing, the dance studio was just a place you visited a few times a week. Now, it’s like a second home to you. Not only have you met amazing people that nurture you and with whom you’ll be friends with for many years to come. You also found a support system made of people with the same passion and who enrich the life of others with what makes them unique.

Dance Changed Your Perspective

If you joined dance thinking of the physical benefits, by now, you probably don’t even care much about those results. You love dance so much, it’s no longer about how it makes you look, it’s about how it makes you feel.

Dance Videos Are Your Favorite Kind of Entertainment

Once you get dance fever, most of your time goes into something that has to do with dance. You suddenly realize you are following tons of dance accounts on Instagram or that Netflix took the back seat and all of your video streaming is dance related. Not only do you find these videos educational, they are also inspiring and super entertaining.


Dance is wonderful but world dance is even better as it opens our eyes to the beauty that lies in our cultural differences. Experience the beauty of dance at Bella Diva Dance. Come join a class with us today.


Give Dance a Chance in 2018

Give dance a chance in 2018

Looking for a New Year’s resolution? If you’ve never tried dance before, 2018 is your year and here’s why.

This 2018, Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Every January, gyms and parks are packed with people trying to kick off their New Year’s resolutions. If you’re looking for something new to try this year, how about some dance classes? Here are 5 reasons why you should give dance a chance in 2018:

Makes You Part of a Wonderful Community

Watching people dance is never as fun as actually dancing. Dance provides an opportunity to surround yourself with people with similar goals, passions and struggles. In little to no time you’ll find that the people you dance with become a second family to you, a support system, a fun group of people that make life easier and more fun.

Helps You Prioritize Better

There’s a lot of work that goes into becoming the dancer you want to be. Every dance class is an opportunity for you to learn different things and grow as a dancer. Discipline and determination will get you anywhere and this applies to dance classes and life, too. The hunger for more will lead to organizing things better so you can achieve your goals.

Dance like no one is watching

Gives You a Chance to Focus on Yourself

Everyday life tends to be driven by everything around us and sometimes, we put ourselves last on the list of priorities. Taking a dance class will give you time for yourself,  so you can take a break from life and do something that makes you feel good.

Opens Up a World of Adventure

Every style of dance brings on a new challenge. World dance brings that and more. It takes you on an adventure around the world where you can learn about the different cultures that every dance represents.

Improves Your Well-Being

Dance will make you feel more confident in your body and will help your mind be more at ease. With every dance move, your body releases stress and endorphins, which will give you a sense of happiness. What’s not to love?

Join Our Dance Family in Colorado

Bella Diva Dance is a world dance company based in Denver, Co. Our goal is to share the magic of movement with you through different dance forms from around the World. Check out our dance classes and join this amazing community. Book your class today. See you in class.


At Bella Diva Dance, we believe it is important to spend quality time with our families. For this reason, the studio will be closed from December 22nd through January 3rd. Enjoy time with your loved and stay charge batteries so we can dance strong on January 4th.

Five Dances from Around the World


Dance is a way of expression. We express all kinds of emotions through it, whether it’s happiness, anger, pain, or many others. Through the years, dance has been used as a way to celebrate, commemorate, or prepare for rituals like some ethnic dances. There are a lot of dances from different ethnic groups in different parts of the world.

5 amazing dances from around the world


It originated in Central Europe (Bohemia, now part of Czech Republic) in the middle of the 19th century. The name possibly comes from the Czech word for “half,” most likely referring to the short half-steps which the dance is based upon.
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This is a really interesting dance style. It’s a Japanese dance-drama. Some of its performers usually wear very elaborate makeup. The name means sing, dance, and skill, but it’s often translated as “the art of singing and dancing.
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” Kabuki is the most popular type of dance out of all styles of Japanese drama.

Irish Stepdance

Rooted in the traditional Irish dance. It’s based on a very stiff upper body but quick and precise movements of the feet. They use special shoes; some are hard shoes that sound a lot like tap shoes, and then there are some soft shoes similar to ballet slippers.


Indian traditional dance from Majha, which is in the Punjab region. There’s traditional Bhangra and modern Bhangra.


This is a very intense type of dance. It became popular in the 1840s but eventually became popular in French cabaret.
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The main steps are really high kicks, splits, and cartwheels.

Semi-Annual Student Showcase at Bella Diva Dance

Passion for Dance in Denver at Bella Diva

At Bella Diva Dance, we are passionate about world dances and want to share some of them with you. For this reason, we offer different classes in Denver, like Belly Dance, Afro-Caribe, Samba, Bollywood, and more. Check out our class schedule. Come join us! We’d love to have you.