Get Your Blood Flowing and Your Feet Moving With Samba

Samba Costumes Through the Years

Samba has many different variations. That being said, all the variations are a great way to burn off extra energy. Samba can be danced to many genres of music, including Latin American music genres. Although Samba is most prevalent during the Brazillian festival of Carnaval, anyone can take part by signing up for Samba classes at their local dance studio. You don’t need to be in South America to experience Samba! With our virtual “on-demand” dance studio, you don’t even have to be in Glendale, Colorado. Wherever you are, you can take part in one of our Samba classes.

Most of us have a lot of pent up energy from months of quarantine—all the more reason to sign up for some Samba classes.

Energy Release

Since Samba is a faced-past dance, it’s perfect for releasing energies and for feeling more energetic at the same time. Samba classes are incredibly lively and involve plenty of dynamic movements that range from stepping and tilting to rocking body movements.
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Regular Samba Dancing Comes with Great Benefits
Samba costumes are super fun and colorful.

Styles of Samba

There are different styles of Samba classes, but all of them have the same benefits.

Samba no Pe – This type of Samba is a solo dance involving improvised movement. The dance follows the rhythm of the music, and the music ranges from an average pace to a quicker pace.

Samba Reggae – These Samba classes are done to Reggae music. This type of Samba originated in Africa. They are usually quicker paced to go along with the percussion-heavy music. There is generally a leader who dances, and then the crowd follows along.

Samba Axe – This type of Samba originated in Brazil. The dance is fully choreographed and the movements usually go along with the music.

No matter which Samba style you decide to try, you will quickly fall in love with how it makes you feel.
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Bella Diva offers Samba classes in all styles. Register for classes today to get started on your Samba journey.