Restorative Yoga to Deal with the New Normal

Restorative Yoga

We are all adjusting to the realities of post-pandemic life. We’ve been waiting for the world to open up, and now that it has, that world can feel a little scary. Restorative yoga classes can help you get centered and find your place in our new normal.

Restorative Yoga for Our New Normal

Being around people in close quarters, with the uncertainty of who may or may not be sick, can be anxiety-inducing. Restorative yoga, and the associated practice of focusing on relaxation, can help to reduce that anxiety. 

Prenatal Yoga
Restorative yoga classes can help relieve stress.

There are many things that can cause stress when thinking about returning to normal life again. Going back to the office, for instance, might be causing you stress. Or perhaps it’s the thought of crowded spaces that is stressing you out. Even the thought of having to choose what to wear to go out in public, instead of just throwing on the same sweatpants and top again, can lead to stress. 

Yoga can help with stress relief by giving you time to pause, relax, and reflect, while also getting your blood flowing as you go through the various yoga poses. 

Yoga Benefits

There are many benefits to yoga. The mental aspect comes as you focus your thoughts on your breathing and dispel negative thoughts. Through actively practicing mindfulness, you find yourself in a better mental state. 

The physical benefits of yoga are improved blood flow, feeling more limber, and stretching out your muscles. Yoga can help you to feel looser and more limber. 

The emotional benefit of restorative yoga is that it can improve your mood. This is partly because physical movement releases chemicals that improve mood, and partly because mindfulness techniques, such as focusing on breathing and working to dispel negative thoughts, can help to make you feel better. 

Register for Yoga Classes!

Yoga is a low-impact activity that can be done at your own pace. This means that no matter your level of physical fitness, you can benefit from yoga in an approachable, non-stressful environment. There are yoga classes for all levels and abilities. Ready to benefit from restorative yoga? Register for classes today.