Are you considering a career in dance? Before you decide, ask yourself these four simple questions: What are my strengths? What motivates me? Am I willing to put in the hard work necessary to overcome challenges when they arise? And am I going to have fun doing this for many years to come? Dance is not just about making beautiful art and entertainment; it takes years of blood, sweat, and tears (literally) to make your dream a reality. 

How to Make Your Dance Dream a Reality

Did you know only about 3% of the individuals passionate about dancing become professional dancers? Because their love for the art overrides all of the drawbacks. Even though it may be challenging to pursue a professional dancing career, it is certainly doable. Here are some suggestions to help you turn your dancing aspirations into a reality:

  • Know your craft and become more knowledgeable about it
  • Explore and learn dancing styles performed around the globe
  • Attend dance showcases and performances 
  • Learn about the local dance community by attending dance workshops
  • Join a local dancing studio that offers space to develop your skills
  • Make new relationships by participating in networking events

How Bella Diva Supports the Path to a Dancing Career

Dance is the universal language that connects us all in our human experience, designed for everybody — no matter your age or size. Joining a dance class is easily done; however, enrolling in a class that gives you professional exposure is best — and this is where Bella Diva comes in. Bella Diva’s mission is to introduce authentic cultural dance forms to all people in Denver and create unique performance opportunities for the students via semi-annual student showcases hosted at prominent, diverse venues and professional theatres. 

Ready to get started on making a career in dance? Contact us at Bella Diva!