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Ginga Vibe

$60.00 4 Week Month, $75.00 5 Week Month, $20.00 Drop-In rate

What is Ginga Vibe?

Mondays 7:45-8:45 PM

“Ginga” is a Brazilian Portuguese word that closely translates to “sway” and is associated with movement. Ginga is what you do with your body, between the steps while you are dancing, incorporating your energy, swag, & vibe. This is the difference between ‘doing’ the steps and dancing the steps. 

Ginga Vibe draws on styles from the African Diaspora including Samba, Funk, Afro-Caribe, Dance Hall, Soca and Lambada. This class includes cardio training, multicultural exploration, & weekly dance combos intended to move both the body & the spirit so you can find your own ginga vibe!

Taught by Teaching Associate

Jacquie Van Horne

Jacquie Van Horne is a proud mama of two teen sons. She is a Native New Yorker & also lived in ATL during high school. She started studying dance at Red Rocks Community college where she got introduced to modern dance.

From there, she studied West African, Jazz & Modern dance with Cleo Parker Robinson dance theater. She was then introduced to Salsa dancing, & Afro-Caribbean dance styles through Raquel Cecil & Eulanda Shead; co-founders of Afro Caribe.

She developed a deep love for the healing aspect of movement and went on to pursue her Masters degree from Naropa University in Somatic counseling psychology with a concentration in Dance/Movement Therapy. Now, she is pursuing her PhD in Mind-Body Medicine and specializing in Integrative Wellness Coaching.

She has a huge passion for providing healing space to people through movement & helping them connect to Self. She is super excited to join the Bella Dance Community.