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Bharat Natyam - Classical Indian Dance

$60.00 for a 4 Week Month, $75.00 for a 5 Week Month Series $18.00 Drop-In rate if space is available

What is Bharatanatyam?

Adult Beginner Bharatanatyam

Adult Intermediate Bharatanatyam

Learn the art of expression through the ancient classical Indian dance form – Bharat Natyam

The word Bharatanatyam is a combination of Bhav (Expression), Raag (Melody), Taala(Rhythm) and Natyam (Dance).

As per Natyashastra (ancient Indian treatise on Bharat Natyam), this dance form combines the three forms: Natya (dance drama), Nritta (pure dance movements) and Nritya (combination of sentiment and mood) The dance form includes graceful movements of the body in an artistic and elegant way. Its origin can be traced back to Tamil Nadu and mainly performed in temples in the ancient days.

Taught by Teaching Associate

Nishita Laliwala