Grab Your Shoes and Come Dance!

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Lose the Fear

Bella Diva wants to invite you to grab your shoes and come dance with us. Lose the fear of doing something good for yourself, achieve a new set of skills, along with many other benefits from all the movement. Bella Diva offers many classes from which to choose. Samba, Bollywood, and Hip Hop only to name a few. We also have classes for children so you can both grab your shoes and come dance with us as a family! No fear! Our staff is so professional; we love to teach dance along with the culture from each type of dance. You will become a master of the moves and the culture! 

Perks of Dancing

Everyone knows exercising is beneficial to having optimal health, but not everyone knows that dancing has many more benefits than just another workout. Dancing comes with social benefits, meeting people, and interacting with them. Also, by dancing together, you form healthy bonds with others. Having this circle of friends with something in common gives you a sense of belonging, which is essential to any human. We all look forward to being part of something. Why not dancing?

Health Benefits

When you get into dancing, your body is grateful! It helps reduce osteoporosis due to building stronger bones through more aerobic workouts. Also, muscle tone, flexibility, and coordination will take a turn for the best. Physical benefits to dancing are fantastic, but mental health is also a perk of coming to dance with us. It reduces your risk of depression, anxiety, and helps you sleep. Try it for yourself by coming to a dance class that suits your interests, and you will be amazed by the number of benefits you will get from just having fun dancing.

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You Dance, But Do You Yoga?

women doing yoga

This enjoyable and relaxing activity is also highly beneficial for fitness, and a great way to condition your body for dance.

Yoga: Great Friend to a Dancer’s Body

Yoga originated in ancient India, but it is very much present in today’s world. Not only is it an excellent conditioning method, but it is also wonderful when combined with dance training, regardless of the style of dance you do. It is a wonderful way to stretch and strengthen your body. And with stretching being essential in dance, it is one of the reasons why yoga is so great for dancers.

Benefits All Around

Yoga warms up the body before starting to work on deep stretches. That ensures your body is fully prepared to stretch safely.
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Building stamina is another thing yoga is great for, as it allows you to improve overall performance endurance. It helps to increase strength, balance, flexibility, and it’s a great way to regenerate your body after working hard in dance class, as it helps minimize lactic acid build-up.
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It’s a good idea to incorporate some Yoga in your everyday life, but even more so when you have performances coming up.
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It will challenge specific muscles you might not use as frequently, like your upper body, helping you gain strength.

Some other benefits of Yoga include:

  • Improved confidence
  • Clarity of the mind
  • Better hip mobility
  • Efficient recovery time after injury
  • Improved lung capacity
  • Better posture
  • Stress relief
  • Improved circulation
  • Minimized anxiety

Yoga: Great Friend to a Dancer's Body

Effective Cross-Training at Bella Diva Dance

Dancers should cross-train to better condition their body for dance and minimize injuries, and what better way to do that than taking up a class that in addition to promoting fitness helps you relax? Join our yoga class with our amazing instructor, Jill! Fun, challenges, conditioning and relaxation all in one class. Sign up for a class today!

What You Need to Know About Veganism for Dancers

What You Need to Know About Veganism for Dancers

For dancers, proper nutrition is essential to keep up with their demanding training. There are so many different diets and nutrition plans for dancers out there that it can be confusing to know what will work best for your body. Many dancers have chosen to lead healthier lifestyles by opting out of eating animal byproducts. Is veganism the best type of nutrition for a dancer?

Should a Dancer Go Vegan?

Veganism requires making major lifestyle changes. If you’re up for it, that’s great, but before you decide to go in that direction, do some research and check with your physician to make sure it’s the right diet for you.
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Just like everything in life, veganism has its pros and cons, especially when your body endures longs periods of intense physical activity.

An important factor of a vegan diet is variety, and a healthy diet should include legumes, seeds, nuts, whole grains, leafy greens, vegetables, and fruits.
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Without meat in the diet, it is important for vegans to find other sources of protein, and some foods that can achieve this include tofu, chickpeas, peanut butter, rice, or spinach.


The Pros

A plant-based diet can bring great benefits to your overall health. There might be no animal byproducts involved, but if you’re eating a balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, grains, and beans it can be very beneficial to your cardiovascular health, and as a dancer, you need a healthy heart to get through those energy-draining rehearsals and performances. It’s also been shown that this type of diet can decrease inflammation which is great news for your joints. Other benefits include a decreased risk of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and stroke, and can also help increase your levels of energy.

The Pros and Cons of Veganism for DancersThe Cons

Vegan diets have been associated with lack of essential nutrients like calcium and vitamin B12, which support bone health and cell metabolism, nerve function, and blood production. Low protein intake affects the body’s ability to build and repair muscle and other body tissues. Also, if you’re consuming very few calories, your performance will certainly be affected, as you’ll have less energy.

Most of the cons can be counteracted by making sure you’re eating a well-balanced diet and taking supplements to provide your body of the things your diet cannot, but the question of whether becoming a vegan or not is good for you body should be answered with the help of a professional in the matter. The way you fuel your body directly impacts your dance ability. World dance classes are usually very intense, so be sure to keep your body properly nourished so you can get to class with all the energy you need.

Cross-Training for Dancers

Benefits of muscular strength

Dancing is awesome! It’s fun and it makes you feel good but sometimes it’s not enough. If you’re serious about dancing, regular classes will help you perfect your technique but adding some cross-training to your routine can help you improve certain weaknesses as it will improve your strength, flexibility, endurance and your overall fitness, which will also make you a better dancer.

3 cross-training tips for dancers

Here are some options you can consider:

Cross-training for dancers


Strength training can be quite beneficial. With the right weightlifting program, you will develop muscle strength quickly.
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No need to worry about “bulking up”. To end up looking like a body builder, you’d need to train like an elite athlete and eat like one, too. Strength training will give you lean muscle, less body fat, and no bulk – just what you need for all those dance tricks you love to do.

Improving strength for dancers

Do some cardio

For a sleeker, longer look, add some aerobic workouts to your routine. Swimming, jogging, power walking or spinning on the stationary bike are some good options to try for you to improve your endurance. This will allow you to dance longer without becoming tired so soon.

Stretching for Dancers

Stretch those muscles

Pilates is one option that is great to work on your balance and body control, and at the same time improve core strength and flexibility which are key things for every dancer. Move flexibility means more freedom of movement, so you will be able to perform more advanced routines.

Think about it! These are some options. Ask your training instructor to suggest other alternative programs that can work for you.
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Complementing your dance training with something else will eventually turn your weaknesses into strengths, meaning that you will be less prone to injuries and it will also make you a better dancer. That doesn’t sound bad at all, does it?
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Benefits of Dancing

Dance Fitness Classes

Dance has been around forever. It’s an art form that’s basically a sequence of movements performed by the human body to the beat of a certain song (although, not limited by music), but it is way more than just that. It’s a great form of exercise, a creative outlet, and a way to express yourself through movement. It stimulates your brain and even promotes social interaction. Whether you want to start dancing as recreation or you want to go the competitive route, we want to let you know of the amazing health benefits for which you’ll be signing up.


Health Benefits of Dancing

Besides being great fun and accessible for people of all ages and sizes, there are other benefits that come with dancing.


Health tips for dancers

  • Improves cardiovascular health and increases lung capacity. You could say it help us keep ourselves young.
  • Increases muscle tone and strength.
  • Promotes weight loss as it helps burn a lot of calories. According to “It is estimated that dance burns anywhere from 5 to 10 calories per minute depending on speed and intensity.
  • Exercises our memory as we have to repeat and remember steps in a routine. It’s basically a great workout for our brain.
  • Helps us relax and relieve stress.
  • Improves coordination, flexibility, and agility.
  • Develops core strength.
  • Gives our self-confidence and self-esteem a boost.


Dance Freely: No Cultural Barriers


Free bollywood community class

Besides the health benefits that come with dancing, it also encourages cultural diversity. There are no cultural barriers to dance. Learning dances from around the world has a way to bridge the gap between cultures, bringing us closer together. Plus, it’s indoors, so it’s the perfect workout for Denver winters. Check out our world dance classes in Denver such as Bollywood, Afro-Caribe, Samba and Belly Dance. We even have some great world dance classes for kids, too, because it is never too early to start dancing.

Dancing On Your Period

Male dancers, avert your eyes! Every teen and woman know that there are 3-5 days a month where they have their period as a part of their monthly womanly cycle. If you haven’t gotten your period yet, it may be hard to imagine being on your period while wearing your dancing gear. However, your monthly cycle shouldn’t affect your dancing, at least not too much. So let’s talk about some useful tips for all female dancers out there!

You’ll need to wear something for protection, and you pretty much have three choices nowadays: a pad, a tampon, or a period cup. A lot of dancers find it most convenient and comfortable to wear a tampon, but some girls, especially younger girls, opt to wear a thin pad. Wearing a pad is perfectly fine, just make sure to choose one with a high absorbency level and wear black dancing attire. Whatever you choose, just be sure to make frequent trips to the bathroom to keep an eye on things.

If you dance ballet or are wearing a revealing costume and undergarments are not allowed under your leotard, then wearing a tampon or a period cup can be your best solution, especially if you are attending a competition with large groups of dancers; these are complicated as they leave dancers with little time to run to the bathroom. Using any of these two methods will eliminate the discomforting thoughts of leaking right before you head on stage – yikes!

If you suffer from cramps, you may be uncomfortable for a couple of days during your period. It’s difficult to dance when you are feeling dull, achy cramps around your stomach and lower back. An over-the-counter pain medication at will help alleviate the pain. Some girls even find relief through movement, so try not to let cramps slow you down.



Over to you, ladies! What are some tips you have for any women dancers out there?

What do you need to start dancing today?

Learn About Other Cultures Through Dance

Dancing can be one of the best workouts you experience!

It is also a very creative, free and emotive way of self-expression and artistic performances. Even though you’re amazed by ballet dancers, or latin dancing contests, dance is for anyone and everyone.

Incorporate physical activity into your lifestyle, along with a balanced diet, and enough sleep for a healthy routine. Learn of what you need to start dancing today and of the amazing benefits of dancing.

Bella Diva Dance Studio

What is needed to dance?

It really doesn’t require anything but your will, discipline and effort, plus your feet and a great attitude! Dancing is a physical activity that offers a wide variety of styles to satisfy everyone’s tastes and likes. When you listen to music and involuntarily start moving your feet to the beat, you need more dance in your life. Try any of the many World Dance Classes we offer in Denver: Samba, Belly-dancing, Afro-caribe, Bollywood, Hot Hula, Bharat Natyam, Tribal Infusions Belly Dance, Ballroom Latin Foundations and Classical Foundations.

Benefits of Dance

Exercise will provide you with many benefits to your overall well-being, even if it’s just 10 minutes. A full dance class will provide you with a cardiovascular workout, will liberate endorphins into your body, and leave you feeling less stressed and more relaxed.

Dance will help you increase your body’s flexibilty and strengthen your muscles and bones. It also helps boost your memory and workout your brain in such a way the it prevents dementia, memory loss and other mental diseases.

2015 Semi Annual Student Showcase

Bella Diva Dance’s  new studio is located in the Glendale Center on E. Mississippi Ave and Birch St, near Colorado Blvd. We offer you: Belly Dance, Samba, Yoga, Bollywood, Hot Hula Fitness, Afro-Caribe and Kids’ World Dance. Learn of some great venues to go dancing in Colorado and of the amazing benefits these yoga postures can give to your body.

Leading countries for Gender Equality

Exercise Dancing

Even though women make up more than 50% of the world’s population, it is well-known that many of us do not share 50% of the opportunities nor are we treated equally in all circumstances. The gender gap seems to expand more in some places around the world, while in others, the gap is closing as there are governmental regulations, mentorship programs and other efforts to encourage the narrowing of the gender discrimination.

In 2006, the World Economic Forum began releasing its Global Gender Gap Report in which it examines women’s equality in four categories: Economic Participation and Opportunity, Educational Attainment, Health and Political Empowerment. Approximately 142 countries are evaluated and ranked every year to monitor improvement. North America, as a region, had improved 5% between 2006 and 2013.
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Let’s take a look at some of the countries leading the way in women’s rights.

Portrait Of Businesswoman Working In Creative Office

Top 3 countries for gender equality:


This country has been leading the top 5 for some years now, which means it has the overall smallest gender gap. It has ranked first in education and economic empowerment for women. There are over 1.5 women for every man in post-secondary education.


Recently, this country has also led the list of top countries with a smaller gender gap. It promotes gender equality by offering earnings-related day care system and a parental leave policy, which is considered one of the most flexible in the European Union.


Ranked 4 in the Global Gender Gap Report, Sweden has been taking serious steps towards closing the gender gap. It is known to have one of the most progressive attitudes toward gender equality.
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Both men and women have helped address the issue.
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Other countries at the top of the list: Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Canada, and Australia.


Many Nordic countries are making a difference and being an example for others. It’s important we make our voice heard and fight to close the gender gap in Colorado and in our nation. Learn about how we join the fight against domestic violence through dancing.

Health Benefits of Dry-Brushing

The Importance of Hydration For Dancers

healthy ways of self expressionYou might have heard of it: one of the trending health routines that has great benefits, mostly to our skin. The idea is to use a natural bristle brush to scrub away dead cells from our skin, exfoliating and stimulating our blood and lymphatic systems which will improve our skin’s appearance.  Dry-brushing is now offered in “spas” and other beauty salons, as it has proven to have effective results. Because Bella Diva Dance studio cares about your health, we share some benefits and steps for dry-brushing your skin.


Dry-Brushing Benefits

1. Exfoliates dead skin. Your skin will become much softer, and clear pores will leave your skin cleaner and brighter.

2. Stimulate lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is part of our circulation system which helps us get rid of waste. There are nodes, ducts, and vessels under our skin that can increase its flow when stimulated and help detoxify our bodies.

3. Reduce cellulite. One of the reasons why people are trying this technique, even more, is because it helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. Even though there isn’t research to back the idea and the search for the magic cure for cellulite continues, people are claiming it has positive results.

4. It increases your energy and blood flow. It is not recommended to dry-brush at night because it gives you a rush of energy with the stimulation of the blood circulation. Incorporate it into your morning routine to have a great start. Beautiful skin tips for women

Steps to Dry-Brush Your Body

  • Dry-brush before jumping into the shower.
  • Get a natural bristle brush, not synthetic. Make sure it comes with a handle to reach your back.
  • Stand somewhere to catch the dead skin you will be brushing off, like a tub.
  • Start at the bottom, by brushing your feet with long sweeps. Make sure to always direct the notion of the movement towards the heart.
  • Brush several times the same area, and be careful of sensitive areas.
  • Take a shower, and alternate between warm to cold water to stimulate blood circulation even more.
  • It’s recommended to dry-brush twice a day.

Read more about our newest class offerings: Middle Eastern Drums class and the Latin Dance class, which includes Bachata, Cha Cha Cha, Mambo, Merengue, Salsa, Rumba and Samba.

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Fighting injustice against women around the world

One Billion Rising 2016 Denver Capitlol

We are living in an unequal and violent world.

Wars, terrorism, and many sad events flood the news daily, including violence against woman.

Violence against woman occurs in various forms all around the world. It’s a more common practice than what you think. Sometimes much more subtle than others, and it could even be happening to you. It’s important for women to learn about their rights and fight for them. We must make our voices be heard.
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Understanding the ways women struggle all over the world can help us understand that we fight this fight together, not alone.

One Billion Rising Denver 2016

3 Categories of injustice against women

1. Devaluation of feminine skill and worth

It’s no news to us women that the gender gap is present in our modern pay scales. Women who have higher degrees, more experience and are better prepared for a job can earn 20% less than a male counterpart . This in the U.S., where numbers have improved since 1979 when women earned about 62% less than most men. Earning 80% of our value is still much better than in other countries where it’s even lower.

2. Devaluation through objectifying: AKA “street harassment”

It’s true that stereotyping Latin Americans as the worst offenders of street harassment could be considered unfair. But even those of Latin American decent readily admit their men are notorious for “cat calls” and other forms objectifying behavior.  Sexism in Latin American countries extends to domestic violence, associated with abuse of alcohol and even overly enthusiastic soccer matches. Still, it is something that occurs everywhere around the world.

3. Devaluation of sexuality

All over the world women have been forced to accept their bodies being objectified, and their emotional and mental state ignored. The forced theft of a woman’s sexual form is quite possibly the worst offense against women we know of in our modern day!
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Africa is one of the regions of the world where women undergo the unthinkable, genital mutilation. This is a barbaric practice in which the clitoris is removed, without anesthesia.
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In some cases, these grotesque offenses against women and young girls are taken to yet another twisted level, like stitching together the labia majora. More than 200 million girls and women alive today have suffered from this barbarism in more than African 30 countries. We can’t forget our fight is not only for us!

We, at Bella Diva stand together for women all around the world! 

Fighting violence against women
One in three women will suffer violence in their lives

Knowledge empowers you

Knowledge empowers us all. We are a community that is growing stronger and aware every day more. Read more about One Billion Rising, the biggest mass action to end violence against woman and learn of important health tips for women.