How Dancing Boosts Mental Health and Wellness

Dancing isn’t just great for your body, it’s great for your mind, too. Studies show that dancing can reduce stress, boost your energy levels, improve your mood, and maintain a healthy body image. Dancing is also joyful and fun. In short, dancing boosts mental health and wellness.

Dancing Great for Mental Health
Dancing can help feel more connected with your mind and body.

Dancing Boosts Mental Health

Lockdowns and the consequences of the pandemic overall have been tough on our mental health and wellness. There are so many conflicting emotions that we have had to deal with over the past year, finding ways to express all those emotions and to deal with them can be difficult, especially when we’ve been cooped up inside. A saving grace for many of us at Bella Diva studio is to continue our dance classes and holding on to the community and support system we’ve built by introducing On Demand dance classes. Being able to dance together, but apart has allowed us to work through emotions, express ourselves through dance, as well as just be able to find some joy and happiness. World Dance Classes, of all disciplines of dance, is vibrant and fun, and full of life.

World Dance Classes

Dancing boosts mental health by allowing you to let go, shake off your worries (literally!), and also provides a community and support system, that you can lean on when times are tough. No matter what happens, dance is something we will always have and we can dance anywhere. At Bella Diva, whether you’re in the studio or joining us from home in our virtual dance studio, we will always continue to come together and have fun.

If you are interested in taking dance classes for their mental health benefits, register for classes at Bella Diva.

Breath Control Improves Dancing and Eases Tension

Bella Diva Belly Dance

Most people think that the secret to dancing better and improving your technique in dance classes is with endless repetition of an exercise or by doing the same stretches over and over again. While it’s certainly true that practice is an essential part of getting better at anything, it’s also true that you’ll get far more out of your practice time if you incorporate a few breathing techniques into your routine. Breathing correctly is more than just something dancers have to do: it makes you a better dancer and helps you cope with the stresses of everyday life. Many yogis report experiencing the benefits of breath control developed in their yoga classes, and these techniques can be carried over to improve in all other dance disciplines.

Importance of the Breath

Breath control is a term used to describe the process of controlling the inhalation and exhalation of oxygen and carbon dioxide during exercise. This is done by taking a breath, holding it, and then exhaling.
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By controlling your breath during exercise, you can improve your endurance and your stress management abilities. Breathing is a respiratory muscle you can strengthen and train. In fact, dance strengthens hearts, lungs, and the circulatory system.
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The benefits of breath control are numerous:

How to Improve Your Bollywood Dancing
Breathing can help improve your flow, length, and extensions in all of our world dance classes.
  • Reduce stress levels by learning how to control your breath to alleviate anxiety and depression.
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  • Improve your aerobic capacity and overall health with breathing exercises that improve blood oxygen levels and strengthen your circulatory system.
  • Improve your posture by developing your muscle tone and making it easier to hold the perfect posture.
  • Improve your mental skills by developing your concentration, memory, and coordination.

Breathing and Dance

Breathing is equally important inside the studio as it is in the outside world. When a dancer isn’t breathing, the body feels and appears tight, with raised shoulders and stiff movements. The movements lack flow, length, and extension. By focusing on your breath while dancing, it will allow you to more comfortably express yourself through dance by being more at ease. Yoga classes incorporate breathing techniques and help you develop skills that you can carry into your world dance classes.

Register for classes at Bella Diva Dance to develop your breathing skills.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety With Vinyasa Yoga

Three women doing yoga

If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, you might want to give yoga a try. Yoga is the perfect antidote to the high-stress lives we live today — and it doesn’t even have to mean giving up your favorite dance moves. Vinyasa yoga is all about using breathing to sync movement with music and create a meditative, flowing experience for the body and mind.

What is Vinyasa Yoga?

According to the ancient Yogis, Vinyasa yoga is a set sequence of movements that, when performed regularly, can bring about a range of health benefits. The word “Vinyasa” actually means “breathing,” and the movements in a Vinyasa yoga class are tied to the breath. In a way, Vinyasa yoga is like a dance. In fact, in some cases, Vinyasa yoga is actually choreographed like a dance. But Vinyasa yoga focuses on connecting the mind, body, and breath, rather than on performing. As you move from one pose to the next, your body is always in motion, and you will be working your muscles and bones in a variety of ways.

women doing yoga
Flexibility is a product of doing yoga—not a prerequisite.

Benefits of Yoga

It’s not just for chakras! Sure, the word “yoga” means union of the body and mind and spirit, but that’s only part of the story. Yoga is a practice that has been around for thousands of years and has been proven to have many health benefits. Yoga can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age or fitness level. By working towards increased flexibility and strength, yoga can help relieve stress and pain in the neck, back, shoulders, and hips. It also has been proven to lower blood pressure, and help with insomnia and depression, visit and can even help improve your memory and concentration.

If you’re curious about the benefits of yoga, register for Vinyasa yoga classes at Bella Diva Dance

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga Classes

Women doing prenatal yoga

Regular exercise is important for pregnant women who need to stay healthy to carry their growing babies to term.  Whether you’re an avid yogi or a dance newbie, prenatal yoga classes are a great way to stay active, meet other moms-to-be, and reduce stress. The benefits of prenatal yoga are numerous and help a mother maintain her physical and mental health during pregnancy. As you prepare to bring a new little one into the world, it’s important to know the poses and techniques that will best help prepare you for the physical and emotional changes you will experience during pregnancy, which is why it is recommended to take prenatal yoga classes.

Pregnancy Challenges

It is no secret that pregnancy can be a challenging time. The good news is that prenatal yoga can help prepare you for these challenges that come with carrying a new life. Since women can gain as much as thirty pounds during pregnancy, their bodies need to be stretched in order to prevent stress fractures and other injuries. While some women may be able to continue their regular exercise routines, they may find that the intensity needs to be reduced to accommodate the changes in their bodies, making prenatal yoga the perfect solution. Prenatal yoga classes can also help you feel more positive about your baby and your body.

Prenatal yoga classes give you an opportunity to connect with other soon-to-be mothers.

Prenatal Yoga Improves Overall Physical Comfort

Not only does prenatal yoga help prepare you for the emotional challenges of pregnancy, but it also is a great way to improve your flexibility, your strength, your overall well-being, and help you prepare for labor. With prenatal yoga, you are able to focus on poses that will help you stay flexible and strong while avoiding the common issues that pregnant women can experience, such as lower back pain, sciatica, and swollen ankles and feet, while also helping you achieve emotional balance.

Thinking about giving prenatal yoga a try? Register for classes at Bella Diva Dance.

There’s More to Gain From Belly Dancing Than Just Fun

Who Needs a Gym When You Can Dance?

There are many benefits to belly dancing beyond moving your body in a fun way. Belly dancing has numerous health benefits for your body and mind. It also provides a solid foundation for thriving in other activities that require physical techniques. If you’re curious to know just how belly dancing classes can improve your life, continue reading. It’s guaranteed that you will want to sign up for belly dance lessons after learning about all its benefits.

Health Benefits of Belly Dancing

If you’re looking to tighten up your core, belly dancing works your abs without you even noticing. You can skip that Pilates class if you regularly take belly dancing classes. Since belly dancing incorporates plenty of hip movements, this forces your core muscles to engage.

Belly dancing celebrates natural curves.

Belly dancing classes give dancers the opportunities to show off their femininity. There are no restrictions when it comes to belly dancing. Everyone is encouraged to embrace their curves!
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Belly dancing can increase your confidence by improving body image and muscular tone. You’ll appreciate your body for all it can do, and this appreciation turns into self-respect.

Physical Foundation Built With Belly Dancing Techniques

Belly dancing classes help develop techniques that can be applied elsewhere. For example, as belly dancing builds grace and flexibility, your coordination skills naturally improve as a result. Not to mention, you build strength and develop muscles that might otherwise not get used.

Learning how to move your body to music is a skill. Belly dancing will teach you how to move more beautifully and with elegance.
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The movements also help with one’s posture.

In short, belly dancing classes will help you stand taller, both literally and figuratively.

Start reaping the benefits of belly dancing.
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Register for classes at Bella Diva Dance today.

4 Ways Dance for Athletes Can Improve Athletic Ability

Why Adults Should Take Dance Classes

Ever wonder how the benefits of dance can trickle down into other areas of your life? Dancing will make you more aware of how your body works. While this can benefit everyone, athletes have a lot to gain from dance. Dance for athletes will help you reach new goals and excel at your sport. Many athletes tend to get stuck doing the same movements over and over, trying to perfect a swing, a stance, a throw, or a certain movement. Dancing will work new muscles in your body, giving you overall strength and flexibility and a new insight into your body and what it can do.

1. Dance Can Make You Much More Flexible.

Other sports don’t incorporate enough stretching before or after exercise, which can lead to potential injuries. Dance is practically synonymous with stretching. All of the choreography, regardless of style, will help increase your flexibility in some way. 

Dance For Athletes
Dances are athletes too!

2. Dance Improves Your Body’s Strength.

Most sports require a certain degree of muscular strength. Dancers develop strength through motion so that they are able to leap and perform diverse movements. Dance classes can help build this strength, making you stronger for your other sports.

3. Dance Makes You Better at Balance and Coordination.

An athlete needs to be quick on their feet. Dance for athletes can improve stability and increase range of motion, improving your overall footwork and allowing you to move quicker, smoother, and change direction in an instant. This means you’ll be better equipped to take on your opponents on the court, rink, ring, pool, or field.

4. Dance Increases Your Overall Body Awareness.

Lastly, dance for athletes increases body awareness. By being more aware of how to use your body through movement, you will ultimately become a better athlete. 

Dance doesn’t just have to be for dancers. It’s accessible for everyone, including athletes! Dance for athletes is particularly beneficial for those looking to take their athletic abilities to the next level. We offer classes specifically for fitness, but we recommend that athletes move out of their comfort zone and try Samba, belly dancing, or another fun and exciting discipline.

If you’re sporty and want to get into dance for athletes, contact us to discover more about our dance studio.

New Year, New Classes!

Ballet Classes

Two New Course Offerings Coming to Bella Diva – Feb, 2021

Starting Sunday, Feb. 7th we will be offering Adult Ballet taught by Elizabeth Buckius and another Beginner Belly Dance section instructed by Anna Saakova. 

Adult Ballet with Elizabeth Buckius Sundays 12:45-1:45 pm

Adult Ballet with Elizabeth Buckius

At Bella Diva we want to empathize ballet is for everybody and can be done by any BODY.  This class will be a great add-on for all our world dancers who wish to develop classical dance training and stage presence for performance. Adult ballet is a great workout for the whole body. Ballet is a weight-bearing form of exercise that strengthens muscles, promotes healthy bones, and burns calories. Because ballet uses the full range of muscles, it’s also great for cognitive functions such as coordination and concentration.  

Some of the many benefits of studying ballet as an adult: 

  1. Improves flexibility
  2. Improves muscle strength while lengthening muscles
  3. Improves coordination and balance  
  4. Improves posture 
  5. Develops self-expression
  6. Improves concentration
  7. Great for mindfulness and relaxation
  8. Improves stamina 

Our class will be adhering to the Vaganova Method of ballet. The Vaganova Method is a ballet technique and training system devised by the Russian dancer and pedagogue Agrippina Vaganova (1879–1951). It is acknowledged all over the world as the foremost training syllabus of the classical ballet.  

The Method is an extraordinary system that permits to develop the knowledge of how one’s body should be used in order to dance with expression, yet without injuries, like the best Russian dancers do. It is the foremost technique used by Mikhael Baryshnikov, Rudolph Nureyev, Natalia Makarova, Galina Ulanova, Maya Plisetskaya, and other stars of Russian classical ballet. 

Vaganova’s conviction that all theory must be enriched by the experience of teaching and new developments in artistic practice is also at the core of the Method: “Look at life all around; everything is growing, everything is moving forward. Therefore I recommend keeping in touch with life and with art.” 

Beginner Belly Dance with Anna Saakova Sundays 3:15-4:15 pm

Beginner Belly Dance with Anna Saakova

Anna, from Novorossiysk, Russia, began her dance training at the age of five as a ballroom dancer. Always fascinated by Egyptian mythology and culture, Anna discovered her passion for belly dance in 2006 when she joined Vita Saakova and her dance studio “Gulshan” in Novorossiysk. A year later, Anna was a part of the show group performing at concerts, competitions, and various events. Besides belly dance, Anna was also a part of Roman, Armenian, Bollywood, and Fusion dance troupes. As a solo performer, she won multiple competitions as well as getting first place for group Saidi and Dabke dance.  

In addition to the Bella Diva beginner curriculum, Anna will focus on the shimmy drills, new Egyptian technique, exercises to develop bigger hip amplitude, flexibility, fluidity of arms, various belly dance styles, rhythms, and more. With 11 years of theatrical experience, Anna will teach you the importance of emotional expression on stage, and how this can take your performance to the next level. 

Online Registration is now open! 

Nothing Can or Should Keep You from Learning to Dance

Dance class at Bella Diva Dance

Want to Dance? Don’t Let Anything Get in the Way!

We all have things we want to achieve. Sometimes circumstances out of our control may delay the process, but we can always find a way to make our dreams come true.

Is learning to dance a dream of yours? How long have you wanted to do it? What is holding you back? It’s not uncommon for dancing to attract people, but at the same time, be intimidated by it.
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Have you ever thought about whether it is too late for you to start dancing or that you need to look a particular way to become a dancer? Did you get discouraged from trying it because you feel like you’re not “naturally skilled”?

choose the right dance studio

Everyone Can Dance

The truth is that dance is a very inclusive activity for everybody. It doesn’t matter about age, size, gender, or level of skill. It knows no limitations and has no particular pre-requisites. The only requirement for you to learn to dance is to want to.

Our adult dance classes in Denver are for all ages, all body types; they are for all. Our world dance community is loving, inclusive, and enriched by the different things that every student brings to the dancefloor. We are delighted to have the opportunity to share our love for dance and culture with so many various people from all walks of life.

If there is doubt in your mind or fear in your heart, keeping you from going after your dream of learning to dance, don’t let that stop you. Let go of those anchors holding you, and allow yourself to try it.
Embrace the chance to learn something new that, beyond being fun and exciting, can teach you a lot about yourself.

New TaijiFit Online Class Starting August 1st at Bella Diva

TaijiFit Logo

Join Us for a New and Exciting Class: TaijiFit

Bella Diva will be offering a new mind and body online class called TaijiFit, which will start Saturday, August 1st, from 10:00-10:30 AM. Certified instructor Grace Ochs will teach our TaijiFit class. We will be meeting in person the last Sunday of every month, either at Infinity Park (weather permitting) or across the street at the studio.

TaijiFit Class in the Park

What is TaijiFit?

Grace, TaijiFit Instructor
Grace Ochs, TaijiFit Instructor

 TaijiFit™️ is a 30-minute ONLINE mind/body workout that combines the best of traditional Taiji (T’ai Chi) with mindfulness and modern western fitness. Each class aims to guide you to a moment of FLOW (Feeling Love Over Worry). FLOW is the “yummy” moment when self-consciousness, fear, resistance, pain, and negativity disappear, and only joy and authenticity remain. FLOW is already inside of every one of us- TaijiFit is how we connect with it.

TaijiFit is a low impact class to help build immunity, relieve stress and anxiety, and develop body awareness, all while experiencing mindful movement.

Register for this fantastic class today, and let’s start dancing TaijiFit together!

Check out the video below for a little sneak-peak:

See you in class!

Learn to Dance and Become the Envy of Your Denver Neighbors

Dance class at Bella Diva Dance

If You Want to Dance, Dance!

Even if not everyone feels like they can dance, almost everyone enjoys watching someone else dance. Many people would love to take over the dance floor but there is something holding them back. It may be the feeling that they can’t do it, that they don’t know how, or maybe what others will think. Dancing is a dream that was put on hold for many. Can you relate?

choose the right dance studio
Regardless of your age, skills or even how far you are, it is never to late to learn to dance.
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The truth is, it is never too late to learn how to dance. It doesn’t matter if you’re in high school, or college, if you’re in your 20s or your 50s.
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Don’t let any of that discourage you. You will never be too old to dance. If dance is something that you have always wanted to do but never had a chance to do before, this is a perfect time.

Not only will you make your neighbors, family, and friends jealous, you might even be able to rub off some of your enthusiasm on them and convince them to start dancing too!
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Embracing a New Process

Even amid the situation, we are all currently living; there is hope. Dance is more than just a way to express yourself through movement; it can also help you release stress and burn some of the steam you might have built up during the past four months.

A feeling of accomplishment will come over you as you start unlocking new dance skills and learning new things. By enrolling in adult dance classes in Denver, you are not only signing up to learn some great moves, but you are also embracing a process of growth and self-discovery. Dance classes will give you something to look forward to and are likely to become the highlight of your week.

There has never been a better time than now to start your dance journey!