Restorative Yoga to Deal with the New Normal

Restorative Yoga

We are all adjusting to the realities of post-pandemic life. We’ve been waiting for the world to open up, and now that it has, that world can feel a little scary. Restorative yoga classes can help you get centered and find your place in our new normal.

Restorative Yoga for Our New Normal

Being around people in close quarters, with the uncertainty of who may or may not be sick, can be anxiety-inducing. Restorative yoga, and the associated practice of focusing on relaxation, can help to reduce that anxiety. 

Prenatal Yoga
Restorative yoga classes can help relieve stress.

There are many things that can cause stress when thinking about returning to normal life again. Going back to the office, for instance, might be causing you stress. Or perhaps it’s the thought of crowded spaces that is stressing you out. Even the thought of having to choose what to wear to go out in public, instead of just throwing on the same sweatpants and top again, can lead to stress. 

Yoga can help with stress relief by giving you time to pause, relax, and reflect, while also getting your blood flowing as you go through the various yoga poses. 

Yoga Benefits

There are many benefits to yoga. The mental aspect comes as you focus your thoughts on your breathing and dispel negative thoughts. Through actively practicing mindfulness, you find yourself in a better mental state. 

The physical benefits of yoga are improved blood flow, feeling more limber, and stretching out your muscles. Yoga can help you to feel looser and more limber. 

The emotional benefit of restorative yoga is that it can improve your mood. This is partly because physical movement releases chemicals that improve mood, and partly because mindfulness techniques, such as focusing on breathing and working to dispel negative thoughts, can help to make you feel better. 

Register for Yoga Classes!

Yoga is a low-impact activity that can be done at your own pace. This means that no matter your level of physical fitness, you can benefit from yoga in an approachable, non-stressful environment. There are yoga classes for all levels and abilities. Ready to benefit from restorative yoga? Register for classes today.

How World Dance Classes Can Inspire a Healthy Body Image

Dancing for a Better Booty

A healthy body image is all about being happy with your body, no matter the size or shape. Developing a love of dance through world dance classes can help you fall in love with your body. It’s important to learn to love and appreciate your body exactly as it is. Learning to dance and becoming comfortable with the way your body moves will give you a deeper appreciation for what your body can do. Although it can be difficult, it’s important to appreciate your body the way it is and to make sure your fitness or body goals are realistic and achievable. Dance for the enjoyment of it, and fitness will follow. Enjoyment and acceptance are at the heart of our dance classes

World Dance Classes for Body Appreciation

Bella Diva Dancers
It’s important to learn to love and appreciate your body exactly as it is.

Dance puts you in touch with your body. Through the movement of dance, you will become more comfortable with the way your body moves as you flow to the music. Moving to the rhythm of the music will bring you a greater understanding of what your body is capable of. 

Dance is for every body type. This is especially true for world dance classes. There is no single type that should or should not dance because dance is for everyone. 

Building Community

In our classes, you’ll find a community that celebrates all body types. Dance is about focusing on the movements rather than focusing on the physical aspects. That said, there is definitely a physical aspect to dance. That’s because the movements are, by nature, physical and will help you to build strength and stamina. 

This newfound strength and stamina, built through the fun and enjoyable process of learning dance, can inspire confidence and bring you a newfound appreciation for your body. Dance helps you to lead a healthy lifestyle through movement. Are you ready to move to the music? Register for classes today.

Alternative Dance Classes For Fun and Fitness

Alternative Dance Classes

Alternative dance classes do more than just teach you how to dance; they can enrich your life and expand your horizons. World dance will feed your soul, while the physical elements will improve your physical fitness. Dance, in any form, is fitness and wellness combined.

Alternative Dance Classes are Fun

World Dance classes at Bella Diva are fun and enrich your life. Exposing yourself to new dances and cultures will open up a whole new world. After a tough year and a half, we are all ready to explore cultures, history, traditions, movements, and music, rhythms, and song. We may not quite be ready to travel, but we can travel to faraway places through the power of world dance. Plus, actively participating in culturally rich experiences and learning new dance styles can transport our minds, bodies, and souls to places we only dream of visiting.

Alternative Dance Classes
World Dance is the perfect combination of fitness, fun, and wellness.

Our goal is not just to connect our members with new dances and cultures, but to connect with a community of people. Together we grow, laugh, dance, and share our cultures to create a wonderful tapestry of people of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

A few dance styles and cultures you can have fun exploring are:

  • Belly Dance – Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Middle East
  • Hula – French Polynesia, Hawaii
  • Bollywood – India
  • Samba – Brazil, Latin America
  • Caribe – Afro-Caribbean

Because dance has evolved, even the most traditional styles, as we’ve gotten closer as a global community, most of our classes will infuse a few different cultures into every class.

Dance for Fitness

We love the cultural aspect of our world dance classes, but don’t underestimate the physical fitness that comes with every class. Whether you’re enjoying the slow and fluid movements of Belly Dance, or the faster-paced Bollywood and Samba, the core strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance required is going to give you a workout.

Dance classes are also a great outlet for getting rid of pent-up frustrations through physical activity. This makes it a great way to unwind from the stresses of daily life. Dance is good for the whole body and can be a great way to stay active. 

If you think it’s fun to immerse yourself in new experiences, surround yourself with like-minded people, and get in a great workout, then you’ll find yourself at home in our studio.

How to Prepare for Your First Dance Performance or Showcase

Belly Dancing History

The Bella Diva dancers perform all over Denver, enriching our community with world dance and an introduction to new cultures. As a new Bella Diva dancer, you’ve taken the classes, rehearsed with the other dancers, and prepared for your first dance in front of an audience. The first time you perform on stage is a big moment. We want you to remember this time fondly and to be your best, most confident self when you step out on stage. To help out any first-time performers, we’ve devised a checklist on how to prepare for your first dance performance.  

Tips to Prepare for Your First Dance Performance

Follow these tips to prepare for your first dance performance, and you will have a smooth transition from practice and rehearsal to showcasing your talents on a stage in front of an audience.  

Mental Preparation

First Dance Performance
The Bella Diva dancers perform all over Denver, enriching our community with world dance and an introduction to new cultures.

To help learn the dance moves, visualize the performance and movements wherever you go. Have the music with you and listen to it repeatedly. Listen to it in the car, on walks, and while doing other activities. 


In addition to dance practices in the studio, you’ll need to practice the routine on your own as well. Practice until you know the routine so well that it’s nearly automatic. The more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll be on stage and the fewer nerves you’ll have.

Practice in Costume

It’s not enough just to know the dance moves. You need to be comfortable on stage, which means being comfortable in your costume. Practicing repeatedly while wearing the costume that you’ll be wearing on stage can help with this.

Costumes are a big part of world dance performances, and they have a big presence. Practicing in your costume means you won’t get lost. You wear the costume; the costume doesn’t wear you.

Besides, the clothing is the shoes. World dances are performed with all types of footwear, from bare feet to heels. Make sure you practice in whatever shoes you’ll wear on stage, and not just for the dress rehearsals.

See the Stage Before the Performance 

Go to the venue and check it out. Get a sense of how big the audience will be and see what the stage looks like. If you can, stand on the stage and look out into the auditorium so that you won’t be overwhelmed when the lights go up for your performance. 

Make a List

Make a checklist of everything you’ll need on the day of the performance. This will help you to stay organized and prepared. By being prepared, you will have less to be concerned with and will be better able to focus on your performance. The checklist should include all parts of your costume, your makeup, and anything else you may need before, during, or after the performance. 

If you’re interested in world dance or dreamed of performing in front of an audience? Get started today by registering for one of our classes.