Women’s March in Denver, Jan. 21st, 2017

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Marching for Women’s Rights

Join Bella Diva Dance and The Athena Project marching for women’s rights at the Women’s March on Denver.

On January 21, 2017, we are marching to send a strong message of solidarity to the incoming administration as well as the world at large. After the march, the organizers have assembled a tremendous group of women to speak on a variety of issues that affect us all, and performers, including Bella Diva Dance and The Athena Project, that represent the spirit of the Women’s March on Denver.

The Women’s March On Denver Mission Statement

Because we CARE, on January 21, 2017, we will stand together to tell the nation and the administration-elect that:

1) All women shall maintain the freedom and lawful protection to choose what is best for them as it concerns their biological and reproductive health.

2) The diverse and vibrant communities of the United States of America shall be protected from political factions that would seek to inhibit their expression and existence by implementing legal restrictions on personal freedoms. These diverse and vibrant communities are the fabric of our great country and shall not be torn by hateful, divisive, and racist rhetoric or actions.

3)  All people, regardless of gender, gender identification, ethnicity, racial heritage, disability, religion, age, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status, shall be treated equally and equitably, with respect, dignity, and justice for all.

There are currently over 19,000 women from Colorado joining the march, and we want YOU to join us!Learn samba in Colorado


Women’s March on Denver

January 21, 2017

9 am – 3 pm

Schedule of Events

9:30 am March Begins

11:15 am – 3 pm Rally and Performances

Click here to go to the event website.

Become an Agent of Change with Bella Diva Dance

Bella Diva Dance is a Denver-based world dance company that strives to bring the magic of movement to Colorado women, while also creating a community for these women to be part of.

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