Things Successful Dancers Do in Class

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There’s always someone in class that sets themselves apart from the rest. It might be their technique or musicality or whatever, but besides that, there are a few things that those stand-out dancers do differently than other people to get the most out of a class. Do you want in on the secrets?

How to Thrive in Dance Class

It’s not just the extra stretching and practicing that makes a difference; it’s also your attitude and how you approach the learning process.

Successful Dancers Habits

Be Accountable

You decided to dance, now be aware of the responsibility that comes with it. As with any other discipline, you are in charge of your progress. Teachers will support you in your journey as well as other dancers might, but you’re responsible for how much effort you put into learning.

  • Get there early
  • Be prepared
  • Wear what’s appropriate
  • Stay focused
  • Ask questions in a timely manner
  • Be open to corrections and constructive criticism
  • Cross-train to condition your body
  • Spend time on the things you need to improve

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

The truth is that if there was ever a place for mistakes, dance class is it. A phrase people often say is, “Go big or go home.” Apply that in dance class. Risks usually pay off.


Make the most out of your dance class. Try other types of movement and watch dance tutorials

Get comfortable being uncomfortable

Push beyond your limitations. Dance class shouldn’t be easy; it’s supposed to be challenging. That is how we learn.

Be Thankful

Celebrate your little victories. Finally nailed that turn or got that move right? Celebrate that. It’s important to focus on the positive rather than the negative.

It’s all in your head now. Change your attitude toward dance. It’s more than just a class; it’s an opportunity to be better.