Things Only Belly Dancers Would Understand

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Belly dance is a great style of dance. It is fun and constitutes a great workout. If you’re a dancer, these signs will sound familiar to you.

11 Signs That Give Away You Are a Belly Dancer

Between the long hours of rehearsal and all the commitment and determination that come with belly dance, there are certain things that, certainly, only a belly dancer can relate to.

  1. healthy women and dancingIt’s hard to concentrate on learning a routine because you end up getting distracted by how good your teacher is.
  2. When you’re getting ready for a show, you are certain that there is never enough eye makeup.
  3. Hearing a drum solo always makes you want to shake it.
  4. You take pride in the Arabic words you know so far.
  5. You’ve come to realize that your curves are your best feature.
  6. Your fellow dance friends have become like a sisterhood to you.
  7. Your favorite day at the dance studio is when they pull out the belly dance props.
  8. You know you can give Shakira a run for her money.
  9. You have more dance accessories than everyday accessories.
  10. Finding sequins or beads on your furniture or attached to your clothing is not uncommon.
  11. Improv time either makes you sweat profusely or gives you a chance to shine with a wonderful belly dance solo.

Become a Belly Dancer in Denver

If you feel like belly dance has been calling you, this might be the time to give into that. At Belly Diva Dance, we are big fans of this wonderful Middle Eastern dance and would love to share it with you. This weight bearing, low impact dance form is great for all ages and body types and it will certainly get you moving. A Belly Dance class also turns into an opportunity to learn a lot about the culture behind middle eastern dances. Register now for a Belly Dance class with us in Denver and we’ll transport you to the Middle East through the magic of movement.

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