The Healing Power of Dance

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There are amazing physical and emotional benefits related to dance. Healing is one of them.

Are You Familiar with the Dance Movement Therapy?

Dance Movement TherapyMoving does your body good, and your mind too. As you might know by now, when you engage in physical activity your body releases endorphins, which are hormones that give you a sense of happiness and also make it easier to sleep better and concentrate.

In the US, Dance Movement Therapy, or DMT, is a type of therapy that involves the use of movement and dance to support specific functions of the body, such as the emotional, intellectual, and motor functions.

This psychotherapeutic approach to movement becomes a form of creative expression and uses various types of movement and dance, from ballroom to yoga. DMT helps reduce stress, manage moods, and even improve communication skills, leading to better relationships.

In this setting, dance is more than just a hobby or a workout. Dance therapists view dance as a language which patients use to communicate feelings, and they analyze their movements seeking to provide therapeutic intervention to address their patient’s needs.

Benefits of yoga for dancersThe Power of Yoga and Dance

Outside of the therapy setting, regular dance classes are also beneficial to our emotional health. However, there’s a unique synergy between yoga and dance.

The breathing and meditation involved in yoga help decrease levels of stress, blood pressure, and heart disease. Yoga also helps you get in touch with your body while it energizes you and calms the mind.

If you do yoga before dancing, you’ll find that you get to dance class much more mentally prepared and your body will feel free to move more naturally.

Start investing in your mind, body, and soul and take some time to give your body the liberty to move and enjoy the healing power of dance. Check out our Yoga classes and join us. See you in the studio!

At Bella Diva Dance, we believe it is important to spend quality time with our families. For this reason, the studio will be closed during the Thanksgiving weekend, and will come back strong on Monday, November 27th.

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