Why Student Showcases Are So Important For Community & Confidence Building

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Why Student Showcases Are So Important For Community & Confidence Building

Student showcases are a wonderful way for families and friends of the dancers to come together and encourages feelings of mutual support and pride. Performing can be a wonderful experience, but at the same time, it can be scary! Our commitment at Bella Diva Dance is to ensure that the experience is as rewarding as possible with a special team mentality. Every experience (good and bad!) will teach us something, and patience, encouragement, and support on all sides are important. Practice makes perfect, and performing isn’t any different. The more one does it, the more relaxed one will become on stage or in front of other people. Everyone will always feel nervous or get “butterflies” in their stomach before going on, but her/his performance will eventually become more relaxed and confident. Ultimately, the confidence you gain from performing will spill over into other areas of your life… sometimes in ways that you don’t even realize!

Dancers build lasting memories and friendships with one another. Maybe it’s the work or long hours together, or maybe it’s because you’ve each given so much of yourself, but it always happens. Wherever you go, when you spot that other dancer in the room (and you will), you’ll know you have something in common. That shared experience is part of a rich history of tradition and innovation that unites dancers all over the world. And, because dance is tied deeply to the roots of our communities and cultures, dance builds awareness and appreciation of the differences and similarities between people. This makes you a better citizen of the world.


Bella Diva Semi-Annual Student Showcase

Bella Diva World Dance School is proud to present our Semi-Annual Student Showcase Saturday, June 10th, 2017, at the DL Parsons Theatre in Northglenn.

We are thrilled to showcase over 75 of our students who will be performing choreographies from their weekly group classes, including Belly Dance, Brazilian Samba, Indian Bollywood, BollyX, Hot Hula, Polynesian, Afro-Caribe, Bharat Natyam, Latin Ballroom, and our Kids’ World Dance & Bollywood classes!!

Doors will be open at 6:30 PM and showtime is at 7:00 PM. Refreshments and snacks will be sold in the lobby during intermission.

Special Guest Artists include Tim Merz and Booth Dance, Rafi’ah & The Sirens Orientale, and Georgia Michelle & Students.


$15.00 at the studio or through the website

$20.00 at the door

(Kids 10 and under & Seniors over 65 are $10.00)

300 tickets are available. It will sell out. Reserve your tickets today.

Come out to support these world dancers!

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Bella Diva Dance School is located at the Glendale Center on E. Mississippi Ave and Birch St, near Colorado Blvd. We offer a wide diversity of dance classes: Belly Dance, Samba, Yoga, Bollywood, BollyX, Hot Hula Fitness, Bharat Natyam, Middle Eastern Drumming, Afro-Caribe, and Kids’ World Dance. Our instructors are all highly qualified, certified and experienced and will guide you through the learning process. Wait no more; start dancing today!