Reasons Why You Need Vinyasa Yoga in Your Life

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Yoga is not just a workout. In fact, the main benefits of yoga are related to other areas of our lives that go beyond how much we sweat.

3 Benefits of Vinyasa Yoga

One of the beautiful things about yoga is that it can be adapted to many different levels of fitness. From the youngest to the oldest, dancers, athletes and everyone in between can practice yoga and get all of its benefits.

People tend to think of yoga as a workout, and it can be, sure. But the truth is, yoga is a very introspective practice that is all about becoming one with yourself, and its benefits go beyond the physical.

Yoga gives you time to breath and relax1) Gives You a Break from Your Busy Life

Vinyasa yoga calms the mind. During that time you can forget all about your daily tasks and focus all your attention on your own breathing, and the pose sequences and movements that accompany it.

We are part of a society that spends most of its time sitting on a chair, and that can be toxic to our bodies. Vinyasa yoga will get you moving but will also give you time to meditate and relax.

2) Teaches You How You Love Yourself

Getting to know ourselves better is part of what vinyasa yoga is about and being loving towards ourselves. This type of yoga will help you to get in touch with your emotions and work through them.

3) Gives You Stretchy and Strong Muscles

One of the physical benefits of vinyasa yoga is that it’s an excellent way of improving flexibility and strength. Dancers, in particular, can see great results in that area when mixing yoga with their regular dance classes. It will also equip them with greater breath awareness, help prevent injuries, and work their balance, alignment, and agility.

On Sundays and Tuesdays, take a break from the world and join our Vinyasa Yoga class while giving yourself time to breathe and relax. See you in the next class!