Let’s Unite Against Domestic Violence Through Dancing!

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Join us on May 14th on World Belly Dance Day to celebrate Shimmy Mob, an annual dance worldwide event to raise awareness about domestic violence while also fundraising for local women’s shelters.
All over the globe we will dance the same dance, shaking the world!

Shimmy Mob event in Denver

What is Shimmy Mob?

Shimmy Mob is a “Flash Mob” event. It is the largest event of its kind by the number of geographical territories covered in one day, creating awareness and raising funds for Women’s and Children’s shelters in participating communities.

The Shimmy Mob performances will occur throughout World Belly Dance Day and will serve to promote this type of dance, with participating dance teachers and schools offering free related events in the local participating areas.

The event is pre-arranged at officially pre-authorized locations and at specific times. The media is also involved in this project. There is nothing random about Shimmy Mob!

Bella Diva Dance is leading Team Glendale, and we will be performing a flash mob outside the DCPA at 4:30 pm when all the matinee shows finish.

Shimmy Mob event in Denver

Mark your calendars now so you don’t forget to be there

Shimmy Mob event in Denver

Of course, you are welcome to bring your kids and friends; the more we can spread the word and raise awareness from an early age, the better!

Denver Center for the Performing Arts
1400 Curtis Street, Denver, CO 80204

May 14th at 4:30 pm

Shimmy Mob event in Denver

About Bella Diva Dance

Bella Diva Dance is a Denver-based world dance company that strives to bring the magic of movement to Colorado women while also creating a community for them to be part of. Our mission is to empower women by instilling greater self-confidence and positive body image through the expression and study of dance.

We are also committed to fighting against domestic violence and any form of abuse, and we live up to that commitment by organizing and participating in these types of events so that we can reach more people through the power of dancing!

Shimmy Mob event in Denver