The Importance Of Body Positivity

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Not long ago, it seemed like all the world could talk to us about was body negativity. We were bombarded with images of idealized bodies all the time, by all kinds of media. It still happens; however, it seems that, luckily, we’ve entered an era where things are starting to turn around and conversations about body positivity are starting more frequently.

Body Positivity & Self Worth

Over the past decade, body positivity has become a movement, and it has gained a lot of attention.

According to a recent report by the American Psychological Association, American women’s (and men’s) dissatisfaction with the skin they’re in began to decline in the early 2000s, following an unfortunate peak in the 1990s.


Positive body imageWhat Does Body Positive Mean?

It’s the understanding that your worth has nothing to do with what you look like; both things are independent of each other. Body positivity is self-acceptance and self-love. This concept is related to body image. Body image is how a person sees themselves, so, body positivity is related to a positive self-image.

[According to the data crunchers at Whisper, 35.1% define body positivity as “being okay with flaws;” 29.3% define it as “loving yourself;” 21.1% define it as “being confident;” and 14.5% of users define it as “appreciating your body.”]

How Can We Embrace Body Positivity?

Loving yourself is not only about feeling OK with who you are and what you look like; it’s also about taking care of yourself. One way you can be body positive by looking after your own body and providing what it needs to stay healthy and also by encouraging others to do the same.

Body Positivity & DanceBody Positivity and Dance

Dancing has a lot to do with body awareness. The more comfortable you are with your body, the freer you will feel to move and create beautiful shapes while dancing. Dancing is also closely related to feeling. You can express whatever you’re feeling at any given moment through dance, so dancing can be a great promoter of body positivity. Come dance with us at Bella Diva Dance! Checkout our classes, get moving, and watch yourself become more body positive.