How to Care for Your Sore Feet

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As a dancer, caring for your feet is a priority. After all, they’re the tools you work with. Why not give them some relief?

Pamper Your Tired Dancer Feet with These Tips

Have you ever felt like you wore out your shoes during dance class? Unless you danced barefoot, in which case, it is even worse. After many hours on your feet, dancing and then dancing some more, it is only natural you end up with sore feet… sore dancer’s feet.

Even when you love to dance, that feeling is something you never quite grow to enjoy as much. It is essential to take time and give your feet a rest, take good care of them and provide some relief, so you can keep doing what you love. After all, they are making your dancing possible so here are some feet pampering tips.

Soak Them in Water with Epsom Salt

The best place for your sore feet is in a bucket of warm water will Epsom Salt. The salt will help ease the ache as it restores your magnesium levels. Settle in front of the tv and let your feet soak in there until the water cools down. You’ll immediately start feeling better.

Yoga Stretches for Feet PainGive Them a Well Deserved Massage

“Massage” is everyone’s favorite word, isn’t? You can give your feet some relief by massaging them yourself on a regular basis, even if it’s just for five minutes.

A tennis or lacrosse ball work as a great massaging tool. Roll your feet on it for a little while until the tension gives in. Every once in a while, it wouldn’t hurt if you got a professional foot massage. Sometimes, one’s gotta make sacrifices…

Stretch Your Feet

There are tons of tiny muscles in your feet that get overworked from dancing. Even if they’re small, they need to be stretched too. Something as simple as stretching your calves can release tension from the feet, but to specifically target those little muscles, one pretty effective stretch is to kneel and sit on your heels.

The next time you have sore feet, give these tips a try so you can get to your next class ready to tear up the dance floor.