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If you’re located in Colorado and you’re drawn to culturally authentic world dance, you’re in luck. Bella Diva Dance is a Denver-based world dance company that strives to bring the magic of movement to Colorado women, while also creating a community for these women to be part of.

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World Dance Classes at Bella Diva Dance

The world has a lot of variety to offer when it comes to cultures. Each culture has their own rhythm, and with that comes dancing. Dance is one of the demonstrations of culture that engages people the most. Dance is used to convey different emotions in different cultures: happiness, joy, gratitude, and many others. There’s a lot to love about that beautiful way of expression, and we’ve decided to bring some of that joy to Denver to share with you.

Indian Dance in Denver

Our Classes

At Bella Diva Dance, we offer tons of classes related to several different styles of dance from around the world. We bet you will love getting a taste of each culture by learning about their dances:

  • Belly Dance
  • Samba
  • Bollywood
  • Hot Hula
  • Afro-Caribe
  • Kids World Dance
  • Tribal Infusions Belly Dance
  • Bharat Natyam – Classical Indian Dance
  • Classical Foundations for World Dancers
  • Intro to Middle Eastern Drumming
  • Ballroom Latin Foundations
  • Bella Booty Twerkout Class
  • BollyX
  • Yoga: Maybe not exactly a type of dance, but yoga is great for dancers to cross-train and equip themselves with greater capabilities to perform.

Belly Dance in Denver

Get in Touch with Us

If you’re interested in more information, connect with us and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions, or you can check out our online class schedule to find the class that accommodates you best. Once you decide what you’re interested in, you are welcome to register online. We can’t wait to share part of the beauty of all these cultures with you!