Give the Gift of Friendship

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The holidays is the season of love and joy. Spread that spirit everywhere you go, including dance class.

Building Great Relationships in the Dance Community

As dancers, it is only natural to love dance, and as a community, we share that love with those who share our passion. In order to keep a healthy environment on the dance floor, we must develop and nurture positive relationships with our fellow dancers and what better time to start doing so than during the holiday season.  Share the love, share the joy and follow these tips to build strong relationships:

Share Life Outside the Dance Studio

Spending tons of time at the dance studio is inevitably going to generate bonds but those bonds won’t be fruitful unless you do something with them. There’s so much more to people than just the one side you might know about them. Take time to get to know your fellow dancers away from the dance floor. Go for coffee and share your story. That’s how meaningful friendships are born.

Supporting each other in the dance communityBecome Each Other’s Support System

Dancing is a great stress reliever but it also puts a little pressure on everyone to do their best, however, that does not mean it’s a competition. It’s about everyone leaving everything on the dance floor everyday. Bring out the best in each other by providing support and giving compliments in a selfless manner, while you receive the same from others in a  thankful manner.

Be a Platform for Growth

Be gentle when providing constructive criticism. The way you say things conveys how much you care about the other person. Provide guidance whenever possible and motivate each other to grow.

This Holiday Season, Share Your Love for Dance

Bella Diva Dance is a wonderful dance community. We have a passion for dance. It is our mission to share that with others in the Denver community and the holiday season is the perfect time to do it. Join the Bella Diva Movement today.


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