Get Your Kids Moving

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One of the most important things you can do for your children’s well-being is to keep them mentally and physically active. Dance is a great way to get them moving.

3 Dance Styles That Are Great for Kids

By teaching your kids some dance moves, they will start learning about music, tempo, rhythm, and all that good stuff that will help them in their development. You can start with some fun, basic moves at home or you can enroll them in dance classes for kids in Denver. It’s time to crank up the volume and share some dance moves with your little ones. These are some types dance that are fun for them to learn:

Dance styles for kidsFreeze Dancing

This is a fun game that your kids will definitely enjoy. You probably already know how this works. Put on some music they like and have them freestyle to it. There are no rules in regards to movement but when the music stops, they have to stop moving and then hold that pose until the music comes back on. Challenge them a bit as you make it even more fun by pausing the music while they’re in a crazy position.

Slow Dancing

This second one is a great way to stimulate their motor skills and balance to try at home. Put on a slower song such as classical music, a ballad, or whatever you fancy, and challenge your kids to move as slow as they can. They can do whatever they’re comfortable doing but trying some classic move would also be fun, like disco dancing or moonwalking. You can incorporate other every day moves like running or even hula hooping.

World Dances

Dances from around the world are a fantastic way for kids to be active while they learn about other cultures and expand their horizons from an early stage. Just being exposed to different sounds makes it a fun experience for them.

Bella Diva Dance Kids' World Dance

Kids World Dance Class at Bella Diva Dance

At Bella Diva Dance, we love to share the beauty of different cultures from around the world through dance, and sharing it with children is even more gratifying. Our Kids’ World Dance and Kid’s Bollywood classes are definitely not your average kids’ dance classes.

They’ll have a blast while exploring the movement, music, geography, and costumes of different regions. Bring them to our studio in Denver, where they can start enjoying the wonderful benefits of dance for children.