Dancing Brings People Together

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Beyond just having a good time, dancing in groups helps you create bonds with others.

The Social Bonding Effect Of Dance

Dancing on your own can be hugely liberating and empowering, but research has shown that dancing in groups or at parties can strengthen bonds and even increase pain tolerance. The benefits of dance seem endless.

Synchronization and Hormones Provide a Feeling of Unity

Brownyn Tarr, a psychologist and dancer at the University of Oxford, conducted a study where Brazilian high school students were to gather up in groups of three and dance to a fast song, either in or out of sync and with low or high levels of exertion.

Those who danced in sync developed closer bonds with their partners than those who danced out of sync. That sense of togetherness has been argued to come from the blurred perception of self that comes from dancing in groups and doing the same movements. Those synchronized movements play a big role in the release of endorphins, which is why pain tolerance increases.

Synchronization and Hormones Provide a Feeling of UnityThe level of exertion also had an impact on the results. Those students who danced with higher energy ended up developing a tighter connection to their dance partners, regardless of whether they had danced in or out of sync. Funny enough, that sense of unity didn’t extend to others outside their dance group.

The level of exertion also impacted the tolerance to pain that the dancers’ presented, which was measured by a tight blood pressure cuff. Pain tolerance reached a peak in those students that had danced with really high energy and in sync. This fact is actually not as surprising since dancers have been known to delay seeking medical treatment after getting injured.

The Value of Dancing Together

There is undoubtedly something extraordinary about dancing in groups, especially, when everyone is dancing as one. That synchrony is quite powerful and helps develop friendships that could last a lifetime. Maybe we should all give dance a chance, and do it more often. If you haven’t tried dancing in groups before, this might be your time. Check out our dance classes in Colorado, and join us for an exhilarating and unique bonding experience at Bella Diva Dance!