Dance Basics You Want to Master

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Whatever dance style you love, as a dancer, there are a few basics you should dominate so you can kill it on the dance floor.

Dance Basics Every Dancer Should Master

Great houses are built over great foundations. Before you can nail your dance, you need to live and breathe these dance basics.

Own the Room

Confidence is the first thing you want to nail down. Regardless of how many times you make a mistake, or how unnatural certain moves might feel to you, confidence makes all the difference to the audience’s perception and your own.

Wrap Your Head and Body Around the Rhythm

Understanding the rhythm and learning how to move to the rhythm are different things. They might sound obvious but are not as easy as you might think. You must work on your musicality and timing. Once you master that, you’ll be able to get through the steps in an easier way.

Dance Basics Every Dancer Should MasterDon’t Forget About Your Arms

It might sound crazy but a fairly common issue for dancers is to forget all about the arms. They are not supposed to be left hanging down or to be thrown around in all different directions. Learning how to move your arms in a graceful way will definitely improve the look of your routine.

Refine Your Kicks

A similar issue as with the arms. The kicking is something so normal that we forget to pay attention to it when we dance. When a dance requires kicking, there must be an element of elegance involved or it will take away from the piece. Learning how to control them and refine them will forever change the look of your dance.

Find Your Balance During Turns

Bad turns can be painful to watch. Spins and turns are fundamentals of dance, but it can be easy to lose control if you’re not grounded enough. Learning to find your center and spot while turning will help you be stable enough to accomplish great turns.


Being in the moment is part of what makes a dance and a dancer so great. Take these basics to heart and allow yourself to be in the moment. Looking for a new adventure? Learn a new dance style. At Bella Diva Dance we are here to share a little bit of the world with you through the magic of movement.

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