Intro to Middle Eastern Drumming

What is Middle Eastern Drumming?

Thursdays 5:30-6:30 PM

Expand your awareness of rhythm, sequence, sound, and synchronicity, and learn to drum for belly-dancers! We will learn & play together ancient rhythms from the cradle of civilization, rhythms that are still on the radio today. They persist because they bear strongly on human connection to the point they inspire hope, toe-tapping, empathizing, visceral urges, ecstasy, and dancing. You will learn to impart joy when you share this music, but the greatest joy will be for you, in synchronistically co-creating the beats with a group of your classmates at the Bella Diva Dance.

The course will cover the basics of arabic drumming. Students will learn how to play basic sounds on the doumbek and drill specific rhythms to continuously improve in speed and sound-quality. Bella Diva will provide doumbeks to play in class, but eventually you are encouraged to have a drum of your own so you can practice at home!

Students will learn the most common Middle-Eastern rhythms and their variations including Baladi, Masmoudi, Malfuf, Saidi, Maksoum, Ayoub, and Chiftitelli.

We will also learn how to hold a Turkish-style jam session in a group, and how even how to perform as an ensemble… for belly dancers!

Taught by Teaching Associate

Theo Drama

$52.00 for a 4 Week Month, $65.00 for a 5 Week Month Series (depending on the month)
$15.00 Drop-In rate if space is available