How to Be a More Confident Dancer

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There’s one thing that is essential in a performance for every dancer. All the hours you rehearsed, all the makeup and props, and the perfect outfit is not what makes your performance. They key is in dancing with confidence.  

A dancer that engages with the audience is far more memorable than the one who makes no mistakes on the dance floor.

Dance with more confidence

Here you have a few tips to help you boost your confidence:

Dance with confidenceWork Hard

When you train consistently, your skills are bound to increase. As you realize that you’re getting better and better, you will feel more self-assured, and that will translate into confidence on your next performance.

Embrace your uniqueness

No need to emulate what other people do. The beautiful thing about dancing is that there’s no wrong way of doing things. Interpretations are welcome, so bring your own style to the mix.

Stand Tall

The right body posture is so important. Depending on the dance, you’ll want to bring your chest up and your chin out or switch it up to look sexier and softer. Different dances will require different stances. Just make sure to match your style with the right body posture.

Get in character

This might sound funny but, seriously, you don’t have to be the most confident person to dance confidently. The trick is in “playing a part.” Imagine you’re a different person; be present and try to convey all of the emotion in the piece you are dancing through the character you’re playing.

Messing up is OK

Take a deep breath and repeat after me: “It’s OK to mess up.” Take it as an opportunity for growth. You can analyze the situation and learn from it to minimize the number of times it happens again.

Dancing with ConfidenceCommit to it

Go ahead and leave it all out there! Give purpose to every move. The subtleties are just as important as the big movements.

Take Some Classes and Give Your Confidence A Boost!

At Bella Diva Dance, we offer a great variety of classes. Come try them out and watch your confidence grow class after class.