Ballroom Dancing 101

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Ballroom dances are partner dances that are commonly done in ballrooms. They are done socially as well as competitively worldwide. These are the most popular dances on dance floors, stages, and even TV and film. If you don’t know much about ballroom dancing, this is your chance to familiarize yourself with it.

The Most Popular Ballroom Dances


A very smooth type of ballroom dance. It is marked by long, flowing movements, constant turns, and “rise and fall” motion. This is a very elegant and graceful style, in which dancers appear to glide around the floor effortlessly.

Viennese Waltz

This style is a quick, rotating ballroom dance where the “rise and fall” is a little bit more subtle. Most people consider the Viennese Waltz one of the harder dances to learn.


Originally from south America, the Tango is one of the most fascinating ballroom dances, known for being a very sensual dance.

bella diva dance samba dance


Out of all the Brazilian ballroom dances, Samba is the most popular. It can be performed solo or with a partner.

Rumba (Rhumba)

Considered the most sensual of Latin ballroom dances, Rumba is a mix between American Big Band music and Cuban rhythms like son cubano, conga, and rumba. It is completely different from Cuban rumba, so it spelled as “Rhumba” to tell them apart.


This style is an excellent dance for beginners. It’s really fun and simple to learn. The Foxtrot is all about long, flowing movements across the dance floor.


As you can imagine by the name, there’s a lot of quick stepping in this dance. It’s a quick version of the Foxtrot composed of accented feet rhythms, as well as runs of quick steps. It’s a very exciting dance to watch.

Paso Doble

A super-lively dance that originates in southern France. It’s modeled after a Spanish bullfight.


If you want to talk about sensual Latin dances, this is definitely the winner. It involves a lot of swaying hip movements, arm movements, and tons of facial expressions.

Lindy Hop

The father of Swing dances. It’s a very athletic kind of dance.


Really fast kicks and flicks make this dance what it is.

Cha Cha

A dance full of energy and passion.

Latin Dance in Denver

Latin Dance in Denver

Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, Paso Doble, and Jive are considered the International Latin Dances. However, there are other rhythms like Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata that are some of the most popular social Latin dances. Come join our Ballroom Latin Foundations class, learn more about these exotic dances, and take command of the dance floor.